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Uganda - Best Places, Hotels, Restaurants & Things to do

By shaking Kampala, Uganda got a better identity. It is a vibrant and attractive city with a few hassles from other capitals of East and Africa. And several suitable attractions to keep you captive for a few days. It is also known as a beautiful place in the world. As the heart of the kingdom of Kampala, Uganda has a rich and colorful history. Visible in a number of fascinating palaces and combinations. Which the nation was governed by the advent of colonial colonialism. Kampala has several faces. There is an impossibly chaotic jam in Central Kampala. Its streets were crowded with shoppers, hawkers and you are probably the busiest and crowded bus parks. Somewhat faded. The opposite is true of Uganda, and only for many other reasons, Kampala. Kampala is preferred in Uganda.

Location and Map of Uganda:

Uganda is located south of South Sudan and west of Kenya. East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Rwanda and Tanzania. It is in the center of the Great Lakes region. And three of them, surrounded by Lake Edward, Lake Albert, and Lake Victoria. Uganda is located in East Africa. It is bounded on the north by South Sudan, on the east by Kenya.


How to Get in Uganda:

Uganda Airport:

The only safe landing in all battles outside the country is Entebbe International Airport which is the only international airport in the country. There are plans to develop some more airspace to achieve international status, but obviously, there is an airport in Uganda. Travelers to the country are among the most frequently used airlines; Arua Airstrip, Mayo Airstrip and Kololo Airstrip are usually for business. For tourism purposes, the airways that have been created for easy connectivity with various destinations in the country include; Apoka, Pakuba, Bugungu, Casses, Mbeya, Kihihi, Kyonza and Kisoro.

Travel on water:

There is a regular inland ferry between Entebbe Nakoyogo and the CC Islands on Lake Victoria and the Bucacata Pier near Saka Islands in Kaka Victoria. These islands are one of the most scenic places in the country for both local and international visitors. The ferry leaves Nakayogo at half-past one in the afternoon and leaves the CC Islands at 20 minutes and reaches Nakayogo at 11:30 in the morning. Usually, this journey will take about 3-4 hours on the water.

By road:

The road transport network connecting Uganda with other countries is good for any visitor to reach the country. By road, such as buses; Between Kambala to Nairobi, Bukoba, Dar-es-Salam, Kigali, Bujumbura, and Yuba, there are Akamba, Kampala coaches, Jaguar, Gagaga, Easy coaches, Modern Coast, Baby coaches. There are various standard services from which you can choose any destination. Can take. Often these buses are scheduled in different cities outside of Uganda and you are advised to check with the respective bus for when to and from a particular city to Kampala. Beware of the previous booking of these services as a result of last-minute booking you may fail to get a seat on the bus.

Best Places to Visit in Uganda:

Kibale National Park:

Pierce the dense jungles and wetlands of the national park on the great Qibla and you will not be disappointed! Wild chimpanzee packs are waiting for the most terrifying arrays in the world. And you can see these princesses of Central Africa simian trolling through breeding and guiding Canopies on game drives and all kinds of safari trips.


The ancestral capital of the state of Buganda is also the capital of modern-day Uganda. And for the first city in Africa, it is a real attraction and a patchwork quilt. Can apply a place of trembling markets (the city’s Oono market is considered to be the largest in Middle East Africa) and echoes the minarets of mosques (that Gaddafi National Mosque must rise. A more simple-laced area of Nakasero Hill on the outskirts of the city. Where well-enjoyed villas are inhabited by the country’s elite and the chatter at the Ramshackle bars.

CC Islands:

Golden sand cocktails are suitable for Latin America. Also, sun-kissed beaches and waves. The archipelago of Wauer, Wu, CC is the Uganda North Indian Ocean. East African coastal gemstone with gems of North Victoria’s Bugala Island and Bulagore Sesame. You can either kick back at a lakeside resort or boot up for a walk and hide in hippo-dotted waterlogging canals.

Various impenetrable national parks:

Vibhindi impenetrable national park really holds its name! A land of rocky peaks and endless greenery, it is a way to find covered colobus monkeys and chimpanzees, which cover some parts of Africa’s oldest primitive forestry.

Murchison Falls National Park:

Named after the roaring cataracts that engrave them in the middle. The floods in Murchison Falls National Park are arguably the most striking in northwestern Uganda. The Victoria Blue Center is where the crust has crumbled through the gorge and escorted to more than 40 meters in height.


Entebbe is Uganda’s gateway, at least for international visitors. It is here that the nation’s Entebbe International Airport has taken its place; Its runways plunge into the waters of Lake Victoria. Most of them instantly heading to Kampala or other far-flung safari destinations in the country.

Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Named the Handy Nominal QNP for brevity. This huge desert dash lies to the west on the shores of Lake Edward. And near the DRC border is Uganda’s most famous national park. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year who come in search of the lazy Congo lions and pendulum snails that are found mingling in the Maramagambo forest and grassy meadows. And created a place to keep an eye on safari drives and game trips.


One of the main transport and administrative centers of Eastern Uganda, Tin Shack Embal covers its own regional government and a team of good hotels and guesthouses. This is especially true for those on the way to the summit of Mount Elgon and the famous summit of Wagai. A twenty-four million-year-old volcano that is the seventeenth in all of Africa. For hiking trails scattered around Embel and the best base for exploring the majestic mountains. Don’t forget to park a local minibus in Bududa.

Lake Mburo National Park:

Despite being one of the smallest national parks in Uganda. The savanna grasses and coastal inhabitants of Lemon Mburo must be tied to a punch. Spread overflowing swamps are made to watch a great play in the dry season when animals gather in water holes.

Best Things to Do in Uganda:

Equatorial earthquakes:

The best place to visit the equator in Uganda is Kayabwe in the MPGI district. Where you will find wonderful wonders of souvenir shops and restaurants. Also, you will see the equatorial space in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Go on a Ugandan safari:

The wildlife of Afghanistan is near the top of what to do in Uganda on a safari trip. So, you will discover many expert tour guides and outfits. That will take you to the best possibilities of observing the likes of Cape buffalo, elephant, giraffe, lion, deer, chimpanzee, and many more.

Join the Gorilla Trekking Tour:

Among the many exciting things to do in Uganda. Many tourists are on a trekking tour to see mountain gorilla number one on the bucket list. Mountain gorillas are an endangered species of less than a thousand people. And can only be found in three places in the world, including Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda’s Bubindi Impenetrable Forest has the largest number of mountain gorilla families.

See the blue starts (test your adrenaline with extreme sports):

Most people know that the Nile River is the largest in the world. But did you know that it starts in Uganda? When you’re in the Murchison Falls National Park area, you’re near the town of Jinja where the strong blue starts.

Discover the glory of Murchison National Park:

It is one of the best places to visit the Big Five in Africa. Where endangered Rothschild giraffes are located, the longest of the giraffes. This national park also has a bird-watching paradise with over 450 bird species. But at least, you can’t miss the spectacular waterfall from which this park is named. Whether you go on a safari or a boat trip, you will see why this huge waterfall is considered to be one of the most powerful in the world.

See wild rhinos at Jiva Rhino Sanctuary:

Uganda safari is a sight to behold when you see the wild rhinos. But sadly, the hippopotamus, the antelope, the crocodile, and the 250 trios.

Tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Things to do in Uganda that you can’t do elsewhere include tree-growing lions see. Your best chance to see these odd lions is in the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth National Park. As lions hunt at night and sleep in the trees most of the day. You can see them in this national park between 6 am and 2 pm. You will appreciate the opportunity to catch a glimpse of other wildlife species. Also, hot air balloon rides boat trips, and enjoy views of Crater Lake, Moon Mountains, and the Blue Mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda tribal diction enduring culture at the center of the Sperius Nede:

You can’t leave Uganda before feel the country’s traditional dance and music. One of the best places to go to Kampala Neder Center. Open every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evening. The Ndere Center features a 700-seat venue. Where you will be vibrated by high-powered shows, representing the culture of the local Ugandan tribe. You can even try some local food at the barbecue hosted by the Neder Center.

Retreat to the National Botanical Garden:

If you need a beautiful place to relax and unwind during your trip it is the best place. The National Botanical Garden place is located about an hour outside K Kambala near Lake Ntebe Victoria. This sprawling garden complex offers you bike trailers with a variety of landscapes of plants and flowers. While monkeys, squirrels, butterflies, and birds roam around you. If your visit is during November, you can enjoy the annual Mileage World Music Festival held here every year.

Go to African reptiles in Uganda reptile village:

Amazing wildlife watching is one of the most popular activities in Uganda and includes reptiles. While you are in Entebbe see the Uganda Reptile Village, an endangered reptile sanctuary. Here you will find 20 different species including crocodiles, chameleons, turtles, cobras, monitor lizards. And the most venomous snake in Africa the Gabon Viper. Spend some time at the learning center to learn more about this reptile.

Best Hotels in Uganda:

Kyaninga Lodge:

Knowledge Lodge is the ultimate African luxury lodge experience in Uganda. Set against the stunning backdrop of Keyning Lake and outside of Ravenjari Hills. Canning Lodge is the spectacular result of one person’s perspective. And six years of unwavering commitment to experiencing the beauty of Africa that is second to none. You can feel the beauty and romance of this unveiled region while staying at the height of luxury and elegance. Canning Lodge has nine exclusive cottages made with hand-carved logs, gorgeous dining, and plenty of adventure.

Kampala Serena Hotel:

The Kampala Serena Hotel is a cool and green oasis, a protected environment. Ideally located in a great location in the heart of Kampala, the hub of national, regional, corporate, political, and social life. It surrounded by beautifully manicured water gardens on acres of land. The hotel attracts visitors from Kampala with attractive accommodation, gourmet meals, and five-star amenities. Including a gorgeous conference facility that sets it among the city’s main business hotels. This five-star hotel has 186 sophisticated and comfortable guest rooms. And 14 spacious suites, ranging from the luxurious, open-plan executive suite to a well-furnished royal suite. Lose yourself in the beautiful, tropical-style form-form swimming pool between the rock terrace, the wooden bridge, and a waterfall.

Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa:

Among the in-flight hotels is the Lest Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa, a pastel-shaded Italian mountain village-style replica. The resort is located in the middle of rooftop rose gardens above its own boat marina. It is sculpted from the sparkling waters of Lake Victoria. The gentle round bay, surrounded by acacia trees. Also, surrounded by the free greenery of the Marina Resort’s own PGA-approved championship golf course. Broadened by rustic bridges and extended by gentle bays. Where abundant water birds congregate, the course is the ultimate blend of natural beauty and professional challenge. On the other side of Lake Victoria, the hotel is designed to echo an Italian palace with its mosaics, rustic arched terracotta, and shady colonies.

Chobe Safari Lodge:

Murchison Falls is located in the National Park. These five-star lodges are undoubtedly the crown jewels of the tourist destination of Uganda. Chobe Safari Lodge offers a unique opportunity to sample wildlife, birds, flora, and fauna; In an area of the park that has yet to be discovered. Also, the swimming pool at Chobe Safari Lodge is the most unique of its kind; It consists of three separate & quote. Also, it gives you more privacy choices when you swim. Each level has the same, great panoramic view of the Nile River on its way from Karuma Falls to Murchison Falls. So, treat yourself to a face-to-face menu of local and international specialties produced by experienced chefs. Also, Barbecues and traditional theatrical dancers dine out at the Chobe Safari Lodge for an unforgettable experience.

Pearl of Africa Hotel:

This 20-story luxury hotel is a sight to behold. The Pearl of Africa Hotel offers the best in local and international business and leisure travel to East African hospitality. The five-star accommodation has 253 rooms and 42 suites in seven levels of accommodation, ranging in size from 31 to 164 square meters. All rooms and suites are elegantly furnished – with an end to the quality of inspiration. Inspired by Uganda’s vibrant natural beauty and all the amenities a world-class tourist would expect. Such as complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, air conditioners, minibars, and walk-showers. So, guests can choose and choose from a variety of bar and dining options in the 3,000 sqm. Also, the food and beverage service area with its trendsetting technology, primary production space, and sophisticated storage facilities.

Best Restaurants in Uganda:

Mediterraneo restaurant:

It may come across as expensive at first but the Mediterranean restaurant is worth every penny. Serving breakfast and dinner, you can’t go beyond the options of what to eat at this restaurant. Be sure to call a reservation beforehand to avoid wasting time as it can sometimes be full of trimmings.

The Lawns Wild Game & Barbecue Restaurant:

Commonly known as The Lawns, these great restaurants serve two main dining areas. One of the restaurants is a “fayer” and the other is a great view of the golf course on the top of the air terrace. Lance has maintained its place in the top 10 restaurants in Kampala. Because of its great customer service and ready-to-eat meals. I personally believe that Kamala’s best restaurant is Lawns.

Piato Restaurant:

Located in the heart of Kampala, the piano restaurant is largely continental based. Calling himself the “King of Grills” the slogan that is served fits perfectly. You can never go wrong with anything grilled at the Pieta.

Cafesserie Restaurant:

This sophisticated restaurant located in Acacia Mall has created an incredible dining experience in the busy area of Kisemeniti. Kampala has made a name for itself as one of the many cafes in many Italian restaurants they serve. Kampala is known to have one of the best ice creams on the campus. It can be extra busy in the evening hours on weekends. So be sure to arrive early to book your spot.

Holy Crepe Restaurant, Kololo:

In addition to serving very tasty crepes, the Holy Crepe Restaurant (Kololo Branch) has the best views for the first time in Kampala and Uganda. Imagine sipping your smoothie with a view of the whole city! Magic. The restaurant, which just opened in February 2016. It serves some of the best crepes in Kampala. And they come in a wide variety of flavors that complement their incredible menu. Goes.

Best Foods in Uganda:

Groundnut Sauce:

While in Uganda you will hear this dish known as G-Knot Sauce. This is the stuff that makes many Ugandan dishes so delicious and rich. Because peanut sauce is often made with a fried fish, creamy sauce made from sweet red peanuts. Also, peanut sauce is often served with fried fish, sweet potatoes, and matoke (boiled, raw platinum).


Every culture has comfortable food and Chaloko is one of them. Because, Chalco is a dish made with tomatoes, pinto beans, green peppers, tomatoes, and red or purple onions. So, if you haven’t eaten with posh, this dish isn’t exactly what you want. Also, it makes your stomach all beautiful and satisfying.


So, if you’re in the mood for something sweet, Mandaji will hit the spot for you. Mandazi is a fried bread that is sweetened with coconut milk and turned into a circle or triangle. Sometimes, sugar and cinnamon are also added. So, you can eat mandazi by yourself or in tea, juice or fruit dip.


Rolex is one of those Ugandan food dishes that you should definitely try. Because, it is one of the most popular dishes in the country with tomatoes, onions, and cabbage. So, the omelet is topped or dipped with chapatti. Also, some vendors may even add chopped meat to Rolex.

Ugandan egg roll:

However, the Ugandan egg roll is nothing like the Chinese egg roll, which is popular all over the world. But, in Uganda, this egg roll contains a hard-boiled egg. Which is hidden inside a ball of filtered potatoes and then golden-fried in cooking oil. So, this breakfast dish can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, or side dish.

SIM SIM cookies:

Bean-bean cookies are sweets that are reminiscent of the fragile peanuts of many western countries. Only this treat is made by cooking them with sesame instead of peanuts. The mixture is then placed on a flat surface to cool and then cut into separate squares.


If you want a hearty, satisfying meal, chicken is the Ugandan food that is definitely your sample. Because, this dish is made by chopping chicken pieces cooked in a stew pot with onion, chicken stock, seasonings, and a peanut butter paste.


Nesenen fried grassroots is a popular dish that is often sold in pubs and roadside stalls. So, you can see some markets and street vendors selling grasshoppers. Also, in pubs, you can serve this treat with your beer.

Ugandan cabbage:

However, you will love this curry cabbage dish. Because it is a tasty Ugandan dish with a little Indian kitchen corner dish turmeric powder. Also, you can enjoy Ugandan curry cabbage by yourself or as a side dish.


You know you can’t leave without using the Ugandan national dish. Matok (sometimes spelled Matuk) is a banana variety that is considered to be the most abundant plant. Because, Ugandans prefer to take green, raw pesticides and steam them in unconventional conditions. However, sometimes the plants are peeled and then steamed. Then the peasants are scattered and eaten. Occasionally the motor is fried with tomatoes and onions.


However, Swahili, the most widely used language in the Great Lakes region of Africa, was approved in 2005 as the country’s second official national language. Although the Bantu-speaking population in the south and southwest of the country did not support Swahili. Also, it is an important lingua franca in the north. It is also widely used in police and military forces. This may be the historical consequence of the unnecessary recruitment of Uttaras into the security forces during the northern colonial period. Swahili’s position has thus changed with the political group in power. For example, Idi Amin from the Northwest declared Swahili as the national language.


However, the Roman Catholic Church had the highest number of followers (39.3 percent, down from 41.6 in 2002), followed by Uganda’s Anglican Church (32 percent, down 35.9 percent). The Evangelical / Pentecostal / Bern-Agen segment showed the highest growth, rising from 4.7% in 2002 to 11.1% in 2001. The Adventists and other Protestant churches claimed the majority of the remaining Christians. Although there was also an Eastern Orthodox community. Islam is the second most widely practiced religion in Uganda. With Muslims representing 13.7% of the population, up from 12.1% in 2002. And the rest of the population followed traditional religions in the 2014 census. 2 percent, less than 1% in 2002), other religions (1.4 percent), or no religious affiliation (0.2 percent).

Currency Of Uganda:

Although the Ugandan shilling is the official currency, the currency of choice, trade, and tourism is the US dollar. Here and there you can use your credit card, Visa cards are accepted with maximum ease.

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