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TRB Hutong- Best Restaurant, Beijing.

Clearly, TRB Hutang is one of the fine dining options in the world. It is the best symbol of Eastern and Western fusion contemporary food. The restaurant is located in the courtyard of the historic temple-GGHCAC which may belong to the Raja dynasty. Interestingly, in contrast to the ancient environment, the restaurant’s dining area, which once served as Beijing’s first black-and-white TV factory, has been transformed into a contemporary and flexible environment by the Australian architectural and design firm Hasel, with its emphasis on clean, light-heartedness. Fill, and fully modernize. Of course, The TRB Hutong is a place with delicious food and warm people where you behave like a real emperor. Be prepared to spend an exciting time here.

Location and Map of TRB Hutong:

23 Shatan North Street, Beijing, China Mainland


How to get in TRB Hutong :

There is no other city in the hanging world. In order to help you navigate the way to remove these ancient, maze where the “real” life of Beijing took place, we will prepare you with a local Chinese guide who knows the huts like the back of his hand.
After visiting the top stops of the Bell and Drum Tower, the Beijing Ancient Drum Tower, a secret private museum, and climbing the stairs in a rickshaw, your guide will take you to meet the local cricket coach.

By Bike:

Hutong usually refers to the ancient lane or lanes of Beijing. As the city develops, its traditional theatrical theater huts are rapidly disappearing. TRB Hutang publishes various parts of the year on the wind, history, and history in local homes. Some are over 700 years old.
Slum houses are airy and bring a year of history across the local habitat. You will learn the code to identify the location and prosperity of the residents. You can explore the courtyards, the lake on Antique Street, Beijing, and the Drum Tower.

Walking Tour:

The tour is a one-of-a-kind Patal track walking tour in the suburbs of Beijing, on the tour we get to see the famous temple of heaven and the daily life of Beijing legend Beijing Hutang and locals. This is an ideal itinerary for this product.

Best Food Items in TRB Hutong:

TRB serves modern European cuisine according to French rule. These include Wagyu beef, smoked salmon, and lobster. If you are a meat lover, you will recommend the beef file. The lamb rack comes with the highest recommendation. But especially the pork stomach is very tasty to eat. Don’t waste your money on other restaurants in Beijing. Because TRB Hutong is the most famous China. French Culinary Specialist In particular it has an evolving menu and it seems to follow the latest trends so that the menu can range from Icelandic scallops to chocolate valentine to slow-cooked salmon.

Jiaozi – Chinese Dumplings:

Jiaji is a dish that can be found anywhere in Beijing. Also, there are several well-known dumpling restaurants and chains. So, some flavored dumplings are found in smaller and less obvious family dishes where the only thing on the menu. In these restaurants you can often sit down to eat and become dizzy and full while eating the next meal. Because, Xiaoji with a dip of soy sauce, vinegar and pepper is synonymous with a plate of North Chinese food.

Jing Jiang Rousi:

The Xinjiang route is very popular with the local Bingingers. Not like other popular foods in other cities. Its source is in the capital. Its popularity may be due to its simplicity. Serve in a sweet bean sauce cooked soybeans with chopped pork. The Xinjiang route is an essential element for a beautiful experience.

Noodles with Soybean Paste — Zhajiang Mian:

Zhang is very popular in traditional Beijing food and is sometimes known as Beijing noodles. It has three main components. First wide hand-drawn noodles non-second-hand vegetable pieces. Thirdly it is pork. After placing your order Will be served in front of you in a very short time.

Donkey Burger:

The donkey burger was born in the town of Baoding in northern Hebei province. The restaurants that serve these dishes serve a variety of foods but what is tried is donkey burgers. Also, the donkey meat is cut and served in a crunchy bun with green peppers. The contrast between the juicy meat, the crunchy buns, and the sweet taste makes it incredibly delicious and you are unlikely to stop by anyone.

Tudou Si — Shredded Potato:

However, this dish is no longer a great option for potato lovers. Also, finely chopped potatoes fry with green chilies and seasoning and serve hot or cold.

Rolling Donkey:

Unlike donkey sandwiches, this dish doesn’t actually contain any kind of meat. So, the Rolling Donkey refers to a traditional Beijing snack known as the Rolling Horse in southern China.

Tuckahoe Pie:

Takao pie is a traditional themed paper-thin snack in the form of the popular full moon in Beijing. Also, it contains a basic pancake wrapped in sugar, honey, and nuts. Herbal Takaho has a lot of therapeutic effects. And so it is popular with the Chinese people, especially women and the elderly.

Beijing Roast Duck:

You must try when visiting Beijing for Roast Duck, or Peking Duck. Because Aussies and companions will be different in restaurants (most common scallops and cucumbers) It’s hard to go wrong with Beijing’s roast duck. So, if you eat at more famous duck restaurants in Beijing, it will show a brief demonstration of the right way to assemble a pack of duck ducks using chopsticks.


Under the supervision of Beverage Manager Charles, the most memorable fine dining experience in Beijing so far has been the extraordinary 6-course menu TRB team with tableside service, great wine pairing, and great plated and well-balanced meals.

In addition to location, TRB Hutong provides services ranging from your reservation to arranging your cab home. The service captures the flawless and modern interior design perfectly while paying homage to its traditional Chinese roots as well as keeping an attached art gallery.

However, the quality of service and attention to your every need would rival any major city in the world. Also, the moment you step inside attentive, yet never overbearing, staff wows you with kindness, complimentary champagne, and a seemingly endless supply of amuse-bouches. So, the most outstanding feature of this restaurant is the service! Nice helpful and in English.

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