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Eiffel Tower- France

Describing an international monument known as the Eiffel Tower, the simplest solution seems to be simple and to describe what you see. Also, you can see that it is a metal tower built on four large pillars by joists embedded in the ground. Its general shape is close to that of the pyramid but differs from it by its small but existing curvature. It consists of two parts: the lower part is marked by four pillars, which are located at the top of this part, and the upper part, which is the continuity of the height of the pillars at the moment of their joining. This junction is at the level of a platform that coincides with the second tower of the tower, the first one is about halfway down from the ground, and the third is near the top. Built-in 1889 as the gateway to the 1889 World’s Fair, it was first criticized for its design by France’s leading artists and intellectuals and has become a global cultural icon in France and one of the world’s most recognized structures. Also, the Eiffel Tower is the most spectacular monument in the world. However, in 2015, 6.91 million people climbed it.


Paris is a famous city. As with any big city, there are plenty of budget options if you know where to look. It is very easy to find big savings by making some small adjustments. All trips to Paris will be extremely fun, affordable, and memorable. Ticket prices at the Eiffel Tower fluctuate drastically. Adults over 25 are willing to pay 7 euros on the second floor of the 704 staircases. 12 to 24-year-olds pay 5 euros, and 4 to 11-year-olds pay 3 euros. Admission tickets for the second floor with lift access cost 11 euros, 8.50 euros, and 4 euros, respectively. The history of the Eiffel Tower represents a part of national history. It has become a symbol of France and Paris for decades.

Made of:

The Eiffel Tower is made entirely of exposed mesh iron. Gustave Eiffel used his advanced knowledge of metal arches and metal truss forms under loading to design a light airy but strong structure

Representation of:

The Eiffel Tower was first built as a gateway to the 1889 International Exhibition. It came to represent the distinctive character of the city of Paris. Its lights are often turned on or off to reflect memories of major events around the world.

Location and Map of the Eiffel Tower:

The Eiffel Tower is in Paris, France. So it is more interesting to mention that it is in the center of Paris, on the shores of Sierra, in the 7th Archdiocese. This is exactly the area between Trocadero in the north and Mars in the south, separating the sign Trocadero from the tower. Further south, here is the military school and its beautiful face. Finding The location of the tower is much easier when you are in Paris.


How to Get in:

By train:

Travelers can travel to Paris by train from most neighboring countries such as Belgium, Spain, Holland, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc. Train fares are usually higher than air tickets and the train takes longer so one should take a plane to Paris, but it is suitable for those who do not like to fly.

By Air:

Air Orly provides several routes from the airport to the center and Charles de Gaulle. But it’s quite expensive: one-way tickets to the Champs-Elys are priced at US 14.80 and US 24.80 at Orly Airport.

By Buses:

Three local buses connect Ordie to the center from Terminal Sud. The single way ticket price is 1.80. And because of this, the cheapest way to get to the airport. Bus 183 From Orly to Port de Choice Metro Station (Metro Line 7 and Tram Line 3). It takes about 50 minutes. Bus 265: Oli Airport connects the train station with Juvici and the metro station Louis Aragon. However, the route takes 15 minutes.

The Beauty of the Eiffel Tower:

The symbol of romance and the Eiffel Tower always declares their love. And lovers tend to be particularly worthy witnesses. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the memorial has a beautiful ceremony light guesswork, a themed photocall, lined with Parisian bubble heart-shaped balloons, and post-brick special love notes, something to illuminate your Valentine. The most beautiful message, followed by the hashtag #EiffelLove. And it will be shared on the memorial’s official Twitter account and on all screens installed in the tower. For lucky lovers (note, messages of less than 80 characters only will be appropriate). These announcements will be expected at the Eiffel Tower, next to Trocadero. Finally, the word “love” translated into ten languages will be paraded there from 7 pm to midnight with a large red animated heart.

Best things to Do at the Eiffel Tower:

The great city of Paris is full of cafes and shops, and so are the streets around the 300-the meter-long spire of the Eiffel Tower. While walking along the river in front of the Eiffel Tower, collect opportunities to buy souvenir shops and original Eiffel Tower art, souvenir, or tower photography. So, never forget the small Eiffel Towers as gifts. Cross the river away from the Eiffel Tower and head down to the Champs Elyses for the best shopping in Paris. Many beautiful pictures can be taken here.

Culture and Language of France:

Foreigners are particularly interested in French traditions and culture. Some elements of culture are world-famous. As such the French have a deep respect for excellent food and wine. The other parts are lesser-known and you can only discover it when you have some horrible camouflage at a dinner party.


Among the languages of France is the national language in accordance with Article 2 of the French Constitution. Also, French is the only official language and its standard form is widely promoted. Also, English is used here as well.

Currency of France:

Make sure you get the most out of your euro and don’ts to exchange pounds, dollars, or whatever your currency is. Then you can spend whatever you want to spend extra and make the vacation a real experience.

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