The Antwerp – Belgium | Hotel, Restaurant, Food & Things to do

The Antwerp - Belgium | Best Hotels, Restaurants, Foods & Things to do

Antwerp is known as the diamond capital of the world and the diamond industry plays an important role in the city’s economy and throughout its history, the city was an important place in the sixteenth century and one of the most important ports in the whole of Europe. Antwerp is one of the largest ports in the world, and the second-largest in Europe. It is in the top 20 worldwide. The beauty of this city will amaze you and you will never forget. Also, it’s a famous tourist destination in Europe.

Location and Map of The Antwerp:

Antwerp is located on the banks of the River Shield. The river is connected to the North Sea by the Westercheld estuary. Located about 40 kilometers north of Brussels, 15 kilometers south of the Dutch border. Antwerp flag coat of arms. The municipality of Antwerp in the province of Antwerp…


How to Get in Antwerp, Belgium:

By plane:

Antwerp is located near two airports. Xavier is located 45 kilometers from Antwerp. It takes 30 minutes to reach the airport. The other two airports are Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Eindhoven Airport, a 15-minute drive from Antwerp. From which you can easily reach Antwerp.

By car:

Antwerp is at the center of many highway congested roads and meeting points. The traffic jams on the Antwerp Motorway Ring Road are famous. Its connections are the E17 (from France to Antwerp), Brussels and Antwerp have two motorway connections (E19 connects Amsterdam to Paris via Brussels), and Brussels A12 connects to the Dutch Sea. Connects to Bed Weinhausen on the banks of the river via Interwerpen and Eindhoven.

By train:

Antwerp has two main and a few other railway stations. Serves many Central Stations and Antwerp-Barkhem Station, including TGV. For information on train connections, deadlines, tariffs, and ticket bookings: Visit the website of Belgian railway company SNCB.

Best Time to Visit Antwerp, Belgium:

The best time to travel to Belgium is from May to September. Recommended for answering and good weather. Summer is a good time to go to Antwerp as residents are on vacation in July and August.

Best Things to Do in Antwerp, Belgium:

Admire Antwerp Central Station:

While visiting a train station may not be one of the best things to do in many cities, it is definitely a must in Antwerp. The building’s impressive exterior gothic architecture will take your breath away. Its main hall is equally magnificent. The station is one of the most valuable locations in the city and is rated as one of the top five beautiful train stations in the world.

Learn about printing at the Museum Plantin-Moretus:

The former printer was once one of the world’s best. The site has been home to museums since 1876. It is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It may be unusual to include a museum in the status of a World Heritage Site, but once you visit this fascinating place. Suitable for sightseeing alone, including backyards from medieval times. Combining it with a 17th-century library and museum exploring a collection of valuable artifacts, you can see why the museum Plantin-Mortals are so revered.

Pop in Ruben’s House:

Rubenshuis Hall is the former home of the painter, Peter Paul Rubens. He also built the house as a place to live and a studio for his work. In addition to the furniture he lived in during his stay here, the house also exhibits many parts of his artwork.

Visit the Red Star Line Museum:

The Red Star Line Museum displays the stories of many immigrants who left Belgium for America, via the Red Star Line ship. Many travelers traveled to the building where the museum is located. The exhibits are very compelling and use actual photographs and other personal items to tell the story of the journey from Belgium to the states clearly.

Explore the historic Antwerp Zoo:

The Antwerp Zoo was founded in 1843. The zoo is one of the oldest in the world, but the facilities are modern and world-class which is related to the industrial enclosure and breeding program. One of the popular attractions of the zoo is the Hall of Fame couple. Those who live in a new reef environment in the zoo, aquarium, in addition to the zoo hut.

Shop in style:

Shopping centers in the center of Antwerp are no more stylish than the Stadfestazal Shopping center. The building was once demolished, but what was supposed to be a listed building was immediately restored. Architecture, marble stairs, and mosaic floors will entertain unwilling buyers.

Worship the Cathedral of Our Lady:

The longest cathedral in the low countries is one that can be admired from outside and inside. Before it was completed in 1521, it took 169 years to build. The spire is visible from many parts of the city and rarely fails to breathe. The admission fee for the cathedral is applicable and a guided tour is available.

Drink Beer:

Belgians are proud of their beer. Visiting Antwerp, and not showing a few cold beer samples would be rude. Visiting the Antwerp Brewery to learn about Belgian beer, and the site where it was built is a good place for a glass of de Connick beer. If this fails to quench your thirst, visit Patters Wetz, located by the cathedral, which serves more than 100 beers.

Explore Het Steen:

Hit Stein is the name of a small but beautiful castle, right on the river in Antwerp. The fort dates back to the 13th century. Like photographing the statue outside the castle of Lange Vapor, it’s a giant peek-a-boo Tom character revealing his code piece to pedestrians. The nearby sea museum with a collection of historical barges is a must-see in this area.

Visit the unique MAS Museum:

Antwerp has historic landmarks, and lots of value to see. But you have to look at the modern MAS museum. MAS is a collection that explores the history of Antwerp, and its role as an important port city. At the time of writing the exhibition includes exploring various forms of one’s body art in a temporary exhibition. It is also good to take the roof to the top for an exciting view of the city while visiting the museum…

Best Hotels in Antwerp, Belgium:

Caboose, Suites & Spa:

This Caboose, suite and spa hotel has been located in a renovated Manche since 1864. Accommodation is provided in the guesthouse with a garden and a terrace. The entire property features free WiFi. The property is located 15 minutes from the Plantin-Moreta’s Museum. The rooms of the property have a courtyard with a view of the garden.

Apples Antwerp City Flats & Suites:

Apples Antwerp City Flats and Suites are located in the fashion district of Antwerp. It has modern accommodation with free Wi-Fi. Each suite and apartment is furnished in a well-appointed setting with modern features. Includes a flat-screen TV, iPod docking station, and refrigerator.


A restaurant in Antwerp is in August. There are a shared lounge and garden in August. It is a regional service property. Free WiFi is available and private limited parking is available.

Gulde Schoen The Suite hotel:

Gronzplats is located in Antwerp. Gronzplats is 400 meters from Antwerp. The Gulde Schwein The Suite Hotel has accommodation with a restaurant, private parking, a bar, and a garden. The property features a 24-hour front desk and room service, including free WiFi throughout the property. The hotel also has family rooms.

Hotel Julien:

Hotel Julien is a 5-minute walk from Groenplats Square. It is located in the heart of Antwerp, around the green, patios. The rooftop terrace presents a unique view of the city.

MA Museum Antwerp:

The MA Museum in Antwerp is located 200 meters from Antwerp in the province of Antwerp. Each room has a flat-screen TV and the room has a private bathroom with a shower. For your comfort, you will find bathrooms, slippers, and free toiletries. The rooms have all quality linen, a walk-in shower, and a designer sink. You can enjoy a wide bar, Bluetooth music station, and digital TV entertainment. The deluxe double room has all the amenities and a stand-alone bathtub. There is free WiFi throughout the property. The Cathedral of Our Lady U is 1.1 kilometers from Antwerp. Groenplats Antwerp is 1.2 km away. Antwerp is located 6 kilometers from the International Airport property.

Hotel FRANQ:

This hotel is located in the center of Antwerp, just 400 meters from Shopping Street Mayor, Cathedral. Guests can enjoy the restaurants on site.

NH Collection Antwerp Centre:

The NH Collection is 3.2 kilometers from Mir. The Antwerp Center provides a garden,
private parking, and a fitness center. Facilities include a restaurant, 24-hour front desk, and free WiFi with room service.

Hotel Rubens-Grote Market:

Hotel Rubens-Grot Market is less than one minute walk away from the live market restaurants. It has a full 24-hour front desk and free wireless internet access. The hotel offers light and spacious rooms, as well as luxurious suites.

Best Restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium:

The Jane:

The notorious task of securing a table in Antwerp’s The Know The difficult Sergio Herman-Nick Brill initiative was opened in 2014, on the ground floor of a restructured military hospital. Her dining room is illuminated by a spectacular 900 kg Starburst chandelier and the kitchen altar that once stood. The food is sophisticated and highly efficient. Some of the orders are Norwegian Scallop Salsify, Sips, and Autumn Soup. You see ‘Nick’s Japanese Fetish’ on the menu but snap it.

‘t Zilte:

‘t Zilte is located on the top floor of the Museum of the River in Antwerp. The well-
established T-Zilt was replaced in 2011 by husband and wife Vicky Junes (chef) and Vivian Plaquit (Mattrey D). Paying homage to its Burgundian roots, Junus sends a six- and eight-course tasting menu, demonstrating true mastery of texture and flavor.

Granmarkt 13:

The main purpose of Aparthotel-Shop-Restaurant Hybrid Granmarkt 13 is to stay as long as you want. And go to the menus of Chef Sepp Nobles. The dining room on the lower-floor floor is decorated with flagstones for Alfresco food on hot days, influencing the aesthetics throughout the clean, sandy-chic, and potted plants. Dishes Green: Noble’s Roof, Garden Honey and Herbs, Meat, and Production from Local Farmers and Ethical Fisherman’s Fish Change Menu There are three courses for lunch and dinner – Penny Ban’s Preference and Seasonal with Eggs, Lick, Butter Milk, and Parsley.


Art pastoral defines both design and cooking. About 10 miles and to the north 35 taxis north of Antwerp. Set in the former Presbyterian, its garden is home to several exotic William Sweetlov rabbit sculptures. The restaurant is headed by Bert de Putter. He is known for his closeness to top regional suppliers. Among the six fun menus are the fish’s exotic ‘aqua’, and ‘signature Coffee, petit four, and liqueur rounds in the classic Belgian style are found in many wine glasses.


Follow the melodious melody of popping in Nuance in the town of Duffel in Antwerp. The name of the city, as far as can be surpassed, is also noteworthy for the place that they invented the fabric used to make Epimnami coats. Located in a former bank. Monaco’s beef stove, his wife Sophie Wilmark is running the sleek elegant dining room. Extensive testing menus are Sardines, Langostein, and Sea Bass. The 300-label, Cellar Plus Award-winning sommelier formula creates a spot-on pairing.

Culture of Antwerp, Belgium:

The language that Belgians speak in Belgian culture involves all aspects, regardless of the differences between the major cultural communities. Many Belgians see their culture as an integral part of European culture. The region, now part of Belgium, is at the meeting point of Germany and Latin Europe. Due to its location in the center of Europe, Belgium has many European artistic and cultural origins. So, famous ingredients in Belgian culture include Belgian beer, fries, chocolates, waffles, and more. However, the comic strip tradition includes images of Smurfs, Tintin, Spiro, Fantasio, Marsupillamy, Lucky Look, Largo Winch, and many more. Since modern culture is more closely related to language, theater, media, literature, etc. the cultural life of modern Belgium tends to evolve in each linguistic community (but with common elements). Flemish draws deeply from both English culture which dominates science, professional life, and most of the media.


In Belgium, the franc has depreciated against the US dollar. In 1995, the US dollar was equal to 29.48. However, was equal to 34.77 francs in 1999. Certainly, Belgium joined EMU in 1999. Which created the single currency, the euro, for all countries in the European Union. The euro has been weak against the dollar since the beginning. After all, In 2000, 1 US dollar was equal to 0.9867 euros.

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