Tahiti, Franch | Best Place, Hotel, Restaurant & Food

Tahiti, Franch | Best Place, Hotel, Restaurant & Food

According to tradition, the original Tahitians were Polynesians who came from another of the Society Islands, Raiteya, a Polynesian cultural center. In Tahiti, they formed political districts, closely linked to a grading system of rank and authority centered around. The extended family organized around each temple. The higher chiefs (Ari Nui) exercised considerable authority, supported by supernatural prohibitions and priesthood. But their relations with the lower chiefs, the people were interrelated. This society disappeared under European influence. The French policy of intermarriage and reunification made up mainly Polynesian people. Although other ethnic groups (mainly French and Chinese) merged too much and were deeply influenced by French culture. More than two-thirds of the population of French Polynesia lives in Tahiti.


In 1880, the island declares a French colony. Tahiti is located somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, 4,226 kilometers south of Hawaii, 5,956 kilometers west of Brisbane in Australia, ima of Peru, 7566 km east.


Best Times to Visit Tahiti:

The best time to visit Tahiti is between May and October. Although temperatures are year-round, Tahiti enjoys low humidity during the winter. Tahiti really on winter brings less rainfall and pleasant temperatures while. The summertime – November to April – can be Quite hot and humid ‘especially in December’, there is no mention of rain. However, regardless of when you Traveling, you can expect the hotel rates will not be higher.

How to Get in:

By Air:

When you fly to French Polynesia, you will land at Pipit Airport (P P T) on the island of Tahiti. Currently, five airlines operate Puppet flights from the United States. You can book all these flights using points and miles, let you fly in this area without breaking the bank. Here’s a look at all your flight options and how to book with points and miles.

Things To Do:

One of the best ways to spend a Tahitian vacation is to bask in the sun with a tropical cocktail of your choice. You can swim, snorkel, surf, and much more at La Plaza de Maui or Papeno Beach. Take a ferry ride to Muria to explore the incredible natural landscapes or visit the Vipahi Gardens. But if you are itching for another kind of adventure, you can shop for souvenirs at Durant Fatua Falls or in the capital city of Past.

La Plage de Maui:

The main reason why so many Tahitian tourists wander to the edge of this coast is the sand. Most of the beaches on the island boast of the black color of the volcano, La Plage de Mui glittering white. Located on the south coast of Tahiti. The nearby lake is another attraction of clear, warm water – travelers say the water is incredibly clear and the lake is shallow and calm. Meanwhile, the beach snack bar serves fresh seafood and is exceptionally popular among visitors.

Fautaua Waterfall:

You may prefer to travel to Tahiti during the rainy season only for Fatua Falls, as more rainwater makes the waterfall more dramatic. If you decide to keep it alone, you will need to collect a permit for 645 French Polynesian francs (or $ 7) from Pepti’s town hall. And ask the attendant to point you in the right direction when you have purchased the permit; The trailhead is located far from the suburban Pepti.

Papenoo Beach:

Pepenoo’s coast – a small village more than 5 miles along the road east of Papiet – is reminiscent of the island’s volcanic history. Punawi Beach (also known as PK18 Beach due to its location on the road) features ebony sand that descends into the clear blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean. And most of all, this beach is almost as touristy as the La Plaza de Maui in Tehri Itir. That said, you have to compete with the island’s surfing community for waves.

Plage du Taharuu:

Taharuu Beach Paparo is on the south coast of Tahiti and it characterizes by its volcanic black sand, green palm trees, and its width. This beach is huge, which means plenty to spread out and keep the sun moist, and it frames by deep blue water and white waves. Popular with family, locals, and tourists, this beach also enriches the ideal swimming conditions and you also see some surfers working on their skills. There is also a snack bar on site.


Tahiti’s sister Dwip Mooreaa is even angrier. Its landscape features a shaking outcrop called Magic Mountain, which is covered in yellow leaves. Travelers can take ATV tours (and enjoy navigating different regions) or travel to the top for panoramic views. Moorea also has numerous beaches and Teme Beach is one of the most popular on the north coast. The island has a lagoonarium, where travelers can dive and snorkel and scuba dive at the Muria Dolphin Center, where visitors can keep an eye on marine mammals at their heart’s content. Several resorts also line the north coast of the island.

Faarumai Waterfalls:

The little connection will increase through the Farumai Falls forest located in the village of Tier. There are actually three beautiful cascades to enjoy. The first is called baimahutu. If you walk another 20 minutes or more, you reach the names of the second and third waterfalls, respectively, which are called It in Hammer and Rahi in Hammer. Recent visitors have said that at least the first of the waterfalls are easily accessible and beautiful Many say it is not a miss-to-miss However, many warn against invasive mosquitoes and recommend wearing insect repellent.

Vaipahi Gardens:

Located along the south coast of Tahiti in Matia, Baipahi Udyan is a picturesque paradise. Visitors will find more than 75 plant species from around the world (marked by signs and information in English and French), exotic flowers, a lily pond, and streams flowing through the region. Travelers said they were impressed with how well they maintained this natural attraction. Many said they liked its tranquility, easy-to-travel trails, small waterfalls, and lively plants throughout.

Surf competition:

Tahiti’s two distinct surfing seasons allow both inexperienced and expert surfers to take advantage of a variety of swells. Travelers can visit several surf spots on the island: to start the crowds between Paparo, Papenu, and Taipuna, while Chahupu on the southwestern coast of Tahiti is just for experts. The most challenging spot for surfers to catch waves in Tahihu, regardless of the tea-bi, is that it breaks over a shallow coral reef and produces deadly swelling (including waves 25 feet high). It is often compared to the “tool pipeline”, familiar with the movie “Blue Crush” and hosts the annual Billabong Pro Surf competition.

James Norman Hall Home:

James Norman Hall, an Army pilot in the First World War, formed a close friendship with Charles Nordfoff shortly after the end of the war, and the pair began collaborating on novels together. In 1920, the authors moved to Tahiti together and wrote multiple novels entitled “Rebellion of the Inauguration”. This museum, opened by the Hall family, contains several items by the author. You can take a short staff-led trip to the house, which is the exact reproduction of the hall house.


Papeete is the capital city of all French Polynesia, not just Tahiti. Within its borders, which stretch across the northwest coast of the island, there are opportunities to shop, eat and enjoy the nightlife. In shopping, black pearls and island crafts are the main items to explore. The municipal market in Puppet also visited, and recent visitors say the local market is fun to browse. The market, filled with fresh veggies and art products such as fruits, meat, and fish, flowers and hats and souvenirs, garners high praise from travelers.

Best Places In Tahiti:

Think of Tahiti and remember the word ‘paradise’. Of course, you know about Tahiti and the beautiful Overwater Water Bungalow that made it so famous, but there is much more to French Polynesia than that. Here are some of the most beautiful places in Tahiti.

Rangiroa Atoll:

Rangiroa Atoll is a part of the Tuamotu Islands in French Polynesia and the second-largest atoll in the world. Known for its impressive snorkeling and scuba diving sites, there are several resorts for guests to stay in Rangiroa. This means “endless sky” in the local languages.

Rurutu Island:

Rurutu is a part of the Australian archipelago, it was originally formed 12 million years ago. Over time it erodes a lot, creating lots of caves on the island. Humpback whales come around the island between July and October each year and can be found far away from the beach.


Huahin is a 40-minute flight from Tahiti and part of the Society Islands. Incorporated into a tropical forest, Huayna gardens a variety of trees ranging from coconut to vanilla, banana, and breadfruit. The island also has the highest concentration of ancient temples in French Polynesia.


Surrounded by a flashing fountain, it is not difficult to understand why Tetiaroa was an escape for the Tetian monarchy over the years. Many ancient Murray or temples still exist on the island, which is now a private resort. There are conservation programs to preserve this great sanctuary.

Mt Otemanu:

Most visitors think of an enchanted sea view, there is one more incredible beauty in – Met Otmanu. This impressive peak is the exact opposite of the flat shelter of the lake, but every bit is just as impressive. Jump on a helicopter to see the air of the old volcano or hire a guide and try to climb as high as you can while sweating.

Motu Teta Island:

Motu Teta Nine Acres provides a natural environment for private and snorkeling, exclusive islands, swimming, relaxation for visitors, kayaking, and even windsurfing. This is the ultimate retreat for those who want to escape from these, leaving the personal chef to fill a hungry stomach.

Opunohu Bay:

Located on the scenic island of Muria, Opunoh Bay is a three-kilometer-long bay, less developed than some other beaches in its vicinity. On quiet days, when the water resembles a lake, dolphins are often seen visiting the bay.

Tikehau Atoll:

This Atoll of the Tuamoto Islands is the gateway to some of the best diving in French Polynesia. With more marine life than the people of the island. The perfect views of Lagoon Postcard feature white and pink powdered sand. And it feels completely isolated from the northeastern part of the atoll.

Nuku Hiva:

The fascinating island has numerous natural wonders ranging from the largest waterfall in the Marxist Archipelago to natural basins and canyons. The Valpo Falls in Nuku Hiba is the third highest waterfall in the world at 1148 feet (350 m).

Mt Tohivea:

Standing at 3,96060 feet (1207 m), Toshiba is the highest peak in the Murray. Like many shots in French Polynesia, it is clearly visible from the dormant volcano and the capital of Tahiti, Papit. There are plenty of mountaineering trails around Tohivia, but the mountain itself seems impossible.

Best Hotels In Tahiti:

If you want to stay in Bengal with a turquoise langue and a spacious suite of black-and-sand beaches, you can find the right place in Tahiti. Choose from luxurious resorts, boutique hotels, family-friendly accommodations, and more.

Hilton Moorea:

Equally popular with honeymooners and families, this huge coastal property is located in Muria, a quiet, lush island known for its beautiful mountain views and abundant mountaineering. The hotel sits right on the lake and offers private kayaks for those who want to explore. The aquatic surroundings, with garden rooms and bungalows, many with their own private pool, as well as fabulous overarching bungalows with glass floor panels in the living rooms and direct access to the stairwell below. Stand-up paddleboards and snorkeling gear are available, albeit with traditional Tahitian mono (Gardenia) oil until massaged on a white-sand beach (or on a hammock leaf).

Hôtel Fenua Mata’ao:

Hotel Fenua Mata’ao is a low-key boutique hotel with five individually furnished suites, each a fun mix of handicrafts and loudly crafted artwork and furnishings. As one of the smaller options on the island, the property seems more like a guesthouse than a proper hotel. But it still feels as comfortable as a full bar and restaurant, private archipelago dining experience, and a lollipop massage. The hotel also offers multiple Tahitian cultural experiences, including traditional crafts and private Polynesian dance lessons. Proceeds from both activities help a local NGO. Dition Theatrical Tahitian dance and music performances also arranged. And for guests who really want an immersion experience, Fenua Matayova offers traditional themed Polynesian wedding ceremonies that stage right on the hotel’s proper grounds.

InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa:

The Tahiti overhauler bungalow concept was invented, so when viewing, you are forced to stay in almost one. The island’s top luxury resort, InterContinental offers 32 surprisingly affordable options, as well as a few rooms in three beach buildings, two infinity pools, a swimming bar, a private beach, and a beautiful spa. During the starvation, head to the onsite tire restaurant, which has an open kitchen. The presence of Tahitian dance performances or Le Lotus at night, set in an overarching building and a romantic look with live piano, spectacular views, and French cuisine. The resort also has a favorite spot, the Tiki Bar, a favorite local watering hole that serves cocktails in coconuts.

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti:

Sitting on a white-sand beach on the west coast of the rare island of Manava in Tahiti, Moria offers a view of the glittering sunset across the water. Outside of its romantic joke, though. The resort is actually great for families, as the houses have a full kitchen that cooks and creates air, as well as modern amenities like free WiFi with DVD players and flatscreen TVs. In front of the beach and lagoon is a spectacular infinity pool, as well as an onsite restaurant, Vaitohi, which serves a wide la carte menu of Polynesian and international food. When your kids need a break, visit the Tapuna Pool Bar or the contemporary Punabhai Lounge Bar.

Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort:

Located on a very private edge of a gorgeous black-sand beach. But Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort offers affordable, modern rooms, many with spacious layouts, private jacuzzis, and sea views. Guests can see the whole with a huge infinity pool, a luxury spa, and carefully maintained fields, with fresh flowers and herbaceous grass. Onsite Hita Mahana Restaurant and Bay Bar is outside but covered, offering a glimpse of the sunset over the sea of Muria. This resort is very close to the airport so it is ideal for them to arrive late at night or leave early in the morning.

Vanira Lodge:

Located in the wild south of Tahiti near Tehupo, Vanira Lodge is easily the best boutique on the island. Its idyllic location on a very high driveway on the side of the road hill presents a lake-like waterfall view. Where its bungalows have a beautiful mix of bamboo, coral, rock, straw, and stained glass. Each house displays a slightly different design; Some have carved furniture and others have outdoor kitchens. There is a swimming pool, lily pond, and plenty of space for children to play, as well as an onsite restaurant, as the resort is well within a 15-minute walk from Chaghupo Village. The surf because families enjoy a relaxing beach during the day, staffing from snorkeling trips to countless activities. Can arrange. Guests also have access to bikes, although having a rental car makes it almost easier.

Hotel Hassler:

He handles and designs the decor of Rome’s top luxury five-star hotel. With the justification of Hotel Hassler, and has an eclectic and unique blend of Bell-Pak glory with the modernization of Art Deco aesthetics. There are more classically design rooms with vintage furniture and then more contemporary rooms with more bold geometric patterns, classic rooms according to bold prints designed in 18th and 19th-century styling. And also contemporary Art Deco rooms with a black, white and red color. In the middle of this unique hotel is a Michelin-starred restaurant, Imago, with a great panoramic view of the city from the sixth floor of the building. In addition to these, the hotel has a number of lovely theme restaurants design in a 40s style, and the city has been modernizing to enjoy rooms.

Tiki Hôtel:

Set upon a hill and located inside the Tahiti Hospitality School, Tiki Hotel offers a 24/7 front desk, a breakfast restaurant with breakfast or veranda, and accommodation. It was part of the hospitality school and the service was great. The servers were caring and sincere. They obviously take care and extra effort in caring for the guest. Mike, the caretaker was so helpful with the information about the island, a fantastic experience.

Hotel Sarah Nui:

Hotel Sara Nui provides free WiFi and is only a 5-minute walk from the Puppet Ferry Terminal. All accommodations include a flat-screen TV. Guests can arrange a helicopter or a fishing tour with the hotel. The Pipit Hotel is a 10-minute walk from Sara Nui Puppet Market. The puppet catholic cathedral takes a 13-minute walk. The Fah’ar International Airport 15-minute drive property provides airport shuttle service for an additional charge of 1300 x per person, including luggage, upon request, upon arrival.

Royal Tahitien:

The Royal Tahitian is located on the east coast of Tahiti, along a picturesque lake that faces the island of Muria. Proud of the black sand beach of a private volcano, the property has a spacious lawn, an outdoor pool with a hot tub, and a waterfall over the rocks. The spacious guest rooms have a magnificent view of the water. Facilities include a personal safe, a work desk and a flat-screen TV. Offering lake borders and panoramic views, the restaurant specializes in European and French gourmet cuisine.

Best Restaurants In Tahiti:

Served from watershed tables set with candles and white tablecloths from busy food trucks in the park near the port. As well as fresh fruit will be one of your favorite memories of the tropical island. Here we give you some best restaurant’s names.

Restaurant Blue Banana:

Serving creative French and Polynesian fare as well as some wooden oven pizza choices, Blue Banana is just one of the trendy restaurants in Poonaway Lake. The portions are small but well presented and have an impressive wine list with French vintage stored in the air-conditioned store. The ambulance wanted a table above the pontoon to watch the arrival of Buji and pre-sunset and the sunset over Moorea in the background.

O Belvédère:

Set on a hill about 2,000 feet above the papyrus with an impossible view across the sea and Moorea, OBelvadier is a place where locals take visitors for thrilling sunshine and good food. Restaurants and bars have tree house air – the outdoor terrace is even built around tree trunks. An inviting swimming pool at the foot of the hill and occasional live music add to the already overwhelming appeal. Arrange at 5 pm Pickup from your hotel Timely restaurants are highly recommended for a sun-drenched cocktail of any celebration.

Le Lotus:

A part of the Intercontinental Resort, Le Lotus is set in an overarching building. And by candlelight, it has live piano music, amazing views, and top French and Polynesian cuisine. Make sure to arrive before sunset for more sunset after dinner at Tiki Bar for dinner cocktails before turning Muria golden to pink than pink with hundreds of illuminations.

Café Maeva:

Caf Maeva serves great French coffee, smoothies, pastries, and delectable food on the second floor of the popular Le March shopping complex in Papua New Guinea. Come to the breakfast menu or wait for lunch. When a mixture of Tahitian and French food is served. The standout, a very fresh Poison Crew, comes in different versions. Free Wi-Fi and warm, panoramic views can bring you back tomorrow.

Harbor Food Trucks:

The Hittite Islands have given the world a lot of popular ideas. It’s an overarching bungalow, surfing, tattooing, and its birthplace. Food truck yes! Okay, probably not officially, but dozens of years before food trucks became popular, Tahiti was rocking the game with their rolls. These trucks, which look for everything from traditional island fare to cheeseburgers, pizza, and Chinese food, are found all over Tahiti. But the highest concentration is in Poppy, where dozens of colorful trucks crowd the square in Vietnam. Come for dinner or dessert.

Restaurant Le Manukan:

You can eat or drink at this stylish small restaurant in Estimates. There are a variety of burgers and pizza with coconut or vanilla sauce including beef entrees (steaks) and classic French / Tahitian dishes. The place got heated on Friday, Saturday nights with dancing by local live bands.

Moevai Restaurant:

Built on the lagoon with floor-to-ceiling windows. This restaurant is a beautiful place to see and view ferries and planes depart from and to Moorea. At night it is a place of romance that enjoys juicy local seafood and western dishes with tamarind twists. Start with raw tuna marinated with Tahitian coconut milk with shrimp, mango, and ginger. And go for a thick cut of water (fish of the Pacific Islands) with the passion fruit sauce.

Restaurant Blue Banana:

Serving creative French and Polynesian fare as well as some wooden oven pizza choices, Blue Banana is just one of the trendy restaurants in Poonaway Lake. The portions are small but well presented and have an impressive wine list with French vintage stored in the air-conditioned store. The ambulance wanted a table above the pontoon to watch the arrival of Buji and pre-sunset and the sunset over Muria in the background.

The Lotus Restaurant:

It covers the gourmet restaurants overlooking the lake, near the sand-bottomed pool and submerged bar. Light lunch menu daily from 12 noon to 2 p.m. Enjoy a creative and delicate dinner in a pleasant and romantic atmosphere with a gourmet dinner every night from 6.30 to 9.30 pm with the best views of Moorea Island.

Les Petits Ventres:

This small restaurant is a short distance behind the government building in Pepe. It is not in the main tourist area. But once inside, you feel transported. The service is exceptionally good. The food was prepared in a way that was beautiful to look at and great to eat. We looked a bit bedridden (it’s not uncommon in damp, hot papayas) but we were greeted like a long lost family.

Things to eat in Tahiti:

Tahiti cuisine is internationally renowned for its fresh fish, exotic fruits, and vegetables, prepared with Polynesian influences and a touch of French flair. Provides. Native Tahitian is also known for their sauces which include native vanilla beans.

La Plage de Maui:

In Tahiti, it is hard to eat with your toes in the sand of the beach (there is also an indoor dining room). Order a Polynesian meal that includes some freshly caught steamed line fish and local produce from taro to breadfruit. There is also a goat menu.

Coq au vin:

This fifth French dish was popularized by Julia Child, which became a signature dish. The dish consists of chicken wine, mushrooms, salted pork or bacon, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and sometimes even a drop of brandy. Or using caps. The wine is usually burgundy, although there are regional variations of the dish throughout France that use local wines.

Le Grillardin:

The very hungry is very well prepared, coming to Le Grillardine in Rio Paul Gauguin near the suburbs for a huge foie gras. Yes, in French Polynesia. Of course, there are great seafood and reasonable prices for papaya.


The Cassoulet is a comfortable dish of white steam with slow meat, usually used with pork or duck, but can include sausage, goose, mutton, or anything else around the chef. This peasant food originates from southern France and is popular in Toulouse, Carcassonne, and Castelnaudry. The name of the dish comes from the pot in which it is traditionally baked. This pot is a staple in many French homes, highlighting the popularity of this rich, hearty dish suitable for these colder months.

Boeuf bourguignon:

The dishes usually get nothing more French than Boeuf bourguignon. The dish is Coke au Vine from the same region – it’s Burgundy in eastern France – and there are similarities between the two dishes. Boeuf bourguignon Stew made from red wine, beef broth and beef stew made from ripe vegetables with pearl onions and mushrooms is basically a peasant food, this recipe is now a staple in French restaurants around is the world. Dition wisely, cheap slices of meat will be soaked in wine for two days to intensify the flavors, although some shortcuts can be taken. Every August in Burgundy.

Foie Gras:

It is a famous French dish prepared by Bora’s unique technique. Fui Grass is an island spice blend of purple eggplant with spices is a great twist on the Tihiabha dish.

Mahi dish:

It usually prepares with vanilla sauce. The tourists really enjoy this dish and appreciate it. They are born on the island of Vanilla Tahiti uses in this dish so we see new vanilla dishes on this island. Certainly, this dish considered the best dish.

Chocolate souffle:

The dish dates back to the early 18th century and is now a staple of dessert menus around the world. Creepy Chocolate is perfect for going out for crust creamy chocolate rich surprises. But it doesn’t have to be sweet. In fact, the cheese sweet flowers are just as delicious, if you are looking for some solitaire.


Flamiche means ‘cake’ in Flemish and this dish originated in northern France bordering Belgium. It has a puff-pastry crust filled with cheese and vegetables and it resembles a glaze. There are several variations, though, of the variable filling leaks and creams. There is also a pizza-like version of the Flamiche, which comes without a crust on the top of the pie. For a French twist to the south, try the thin crystal Pisaladi, which contains anchovies, onions, and olives.


Bora Bora greatly influenced this religion: Christianity continues to play an important role in the culture of the island. However, the main religion of the islands Christianity. Various Protestant churches, especially the Maoist Protestant Church, have the largest and 54% of the population.


The official languages of Tahiti and its islands are French and Tahitian. Although French is used in schools and businesses, the Tabush languages are still preferred by most of their home islands. English is well-spoken in tourist areas and resorts. But if you explore something on your own and venture into the local warm spots. You will find places where English is not understand


One thing is for sure you have traveled to France: you will spend money. So whatever your pound, dollar, or your currency, make sure you make the most out of your euro by following these do’s and don’ts to exchange. Then you can spend whatever you want extra and make the vacation a real experience.


However, Tahitian cultures include an oral tradition with which are associates. The myths of the gods, such as iron and faith, as well as ancient traditions such as tattooing and navigation. The annual Heavy Eye Tahiti Festival in July is a celebration of theatrical culture, dance, music, and sports. Including long-distance races across the French Polynesian islands in the modern outrigger canvas (VA). Dedicated to working who lived in Tahiti for many years. The Musée de Tahiti et des Iles (Museum of Tahiti and the Islands) is located in Punawiya. So, it is an ethnographic museum established in 1974 to preserve and restore Polynesian artifacts and cultural practices.

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