Tag: Travel Guide of Saint Martin | Bangladesh

Location and Map of Saint Martin:

Saint Martin is located on the south side of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Peninsula. It is an interesting small island. Next to it is another island named Jar Chera. It is located west of the Naf River in Myanmar.

How to Get in Saint Martin:

In Saint Martin you can travel by ferry or bus. The distance between Bangladesh and St. Martin’s Island is 476 km. The quickest way to get from Bangladesh to St. Martin’s Island is to fly and ferry.


However, the nearest airport to Teknaf is Cox’s Bazar Airport. So, you can fly to Cox’s Bazar by public or private flights. Because the price of each ticket is 3000-4500 taka. So, you can reach from Dhaka in 10-15 minutes. You can then travel by bus, own car, jeep or local transport service.


However, if you want to go by bus from Dhaka, you have to travel 10-11 hours. Also, there are many good buses that will give you the best service. The price of each ticket is 1200-1500 taka. Also, the scaffolding may be more or less the same depending on the time.


From Teknaf you can easily get to Saint Martin by ferry. Above all, You can go to St. Maarten by enjoying the river weather very comfortably. Reach St. Mary’s Tin in 2-3 hours. The ferry left Teknaf at 3 pm. So, your fare will be between 500-600 taka.