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Melbourne is the local capital and the most populous city in the state of Wyoming, Australia. Its name refers to an urban organization consisting of a metropolitan area of ​​9,993 km, consisting of a common name for 31 municipalities and city centers.

Location of Melbourne:

Melbourne, located on the southeast coast of Port Philip Bay, is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. This central city has a population of about 136,000 and is known as the center of a vast metropolitan area. The southwest of the world has a population of over two thousand.

How to Get to Melbourne:

By Air:

Flights to Melbourne (Domestic): Flights to Melbourne in Australia are easy as there are direct flights from all capital cities. The flight to Brisbane takes about two and a half hours, while the flights from Perth take about 3.5 hours drive. You can drive between Melbourne and Sydney in about 9 hours.