Tag: Travel Guide of Maldives

The islands of the Maldives are sculpted and undoubtedly become one of the fifth most beautiful tropical places in the world. The dust from the northern atlas can be seen from the entire Indian subcontinent to the shores of the world’s oceans and from the beaches of the southern islands. Most visitors will come down to the drawer. As a result, it is proud of the spicy and fragrant market of an island full of its own peaks and great mosques.

Location and Map of Maldives:

Malaysia is located in southeastern Asia. Malaysia is bordered by Brunei, Indonesia (on the island of Borneo), Thailand, and the South China Sea.

How to Get in the Maldives:

The capital city is about 2.2 square miles and any resort you choose will be mobile. Island-hopping in your own leisure time is not really the best option as the ferry network is not very wide. Once you arrive at Velana International Airport (MLE) on Hulhul Island you will probably be taken to the island where you are staying by a representative from your resort. You will need to take a speedboat to reach your final destination.


  • Do not engage in PDAs on populated islands.
  • Do not bring prohibited items on your trip.
  • Don’t expect free or fast Wi-Fi.
  • Wear modest clothing on inhabited islands.
  • Move your shoes to the door of any house or mosque.
  • Be extra respectful in Ramadan.