Tag: Travel Guide of Coxs Bazar | Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar beach is a 125 km sandy beach. It is the longest beach in the world. Cox’s Bazar is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bangladesh and is currently an international hotel chain. Cox’s Bazar tourist spots as well as local and foreign tourists have beautiful facilities to get acquainted with nature and wildlife. The climate of Bangladesh is most malleable by its location in the adaptable monsoon region: high temperature, heavy rainfall, and generally excessive humidity, with distinct seasonal variations. Here Cox’s Bazar is mostly comparable to the rest of the country. It is further characterized by the location in the coastal area. The annual average temperature in Cox’s Bazar is a maximum of 34.8 C (94.6 ° F) and a minimum of 16.1 C (61.0 ° F). The average amount of rainfall is 3,524 mm.

From Chittagong, you can fly to Cox’s Bazar in a comfortable way. Non-stop flights are available from Chittagong and Dhaka to United Airways or GMG Airlines. In the high season (October-April) there are daily flights, but in summer and monsoon (May-September) there are usually 3-4 return flights per week.

Located on the near of bay of Bengal, Chittagong division of Bangladesh and the district called Cox’s Bazar.

However, there is no end to the pride of Bengalis in Cox’s Bazar, the longest beach in the world. It is one of the heartlands for recreation as well as making a significant contribution to the country’s economy.