Tag: Best Dishes in Jal Mahal India

Best Dishes in Jal Mahal:

Dal Bathi Churma:

Pulses, Bathi, and Churma are three different ingredients which are served as a combination meal is known as Dal Bathi Churma.


Ghevar is one of the most famous sweet in Jaipur. It is specially made for the traditional festival Teej

Pyaz Ki Kachori:

Pyaaz ki Kachori is the most delicious breakfast in Jaipur. It is spicy by its aftertaste and served with chutney in Jaipur.


It is a typical desert vegetable. Ker Sangri served as pickle with all spices in Rajasthan, especially with Bajra Roti. It is also an incredible and unique dish of the entire Rajasthan.

Gatte Ki Sabji:

It is one of the traditional dishes of Rajasthan. It is gram flour pieces. Gattas merged into the traditional yogurt curry.