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Best Dishes:

Bebek Bengil is one of the best-loved restaurants in Ubud. Bebek Bengil means the ‘Dirty Duck’. In the east of Bali, there is Padang Bai. It’s the most famous for its diving. In underwater, you will find the blue-ringed octopus and pygmy seahorses. If you want to try water sports then you’re most welcome in Tanjung Benoa. Here you can find a range of different activities on offer .trapping on a water jetpack which will let you fly up into the sky. Bambo Bali is a famous restaurant and the owner is Heinz von Holzen. The restaurant is popular for its cooking classes. Here you can learn all about Balinese ingredients and cook up a spectacular traditional Balinese meal. Indonesia is also the top producer of cocoa in the world. You may immediately think of chocolate. Visit Pod Chocolate Factory which made some delicious bites. Also, find out how they make chocolate.