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The South Island of New Zealand is characterized by vast open space and a sense of independence. It has a temperate climate. The island is made up of the Southern Alps, which flows from north to south, covering an area of, it’s also, 150,437 square kilometers (58,084 square miles), Making it’s also the 12th largest & best scenic island in the world. The Southern Alps are beautifully divided behind the hills, the island has spectacular ice tops with clear beaches, mountains on the southern island and huge southern beech forests, wide plains, and golden sand beaches.

The Beauty of The South Island:

The south island of New Zealand is famous for its lakes, mountains, and glaciers. To the southwest is Fairland National Park, with its indented Milford Sound. To the north is Abel Tasman National Park, it is known for trails and sea kayaking. Quinton is famous for adventure sports like Bauji Jumping and Scurry. The South Island, officially named The Waipunamu, is the larger of the two largest islands in New Zeland. It is bounded on the north by the Cook Strait, on the west by the Tasman Sea, and on the south and east by the Pacific Ocean. The climate is generally cooler and drier than on the North Island, but don’t forget the sunblocks and T-shirts – summer temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

Location and Map of The South Island:

Waipunamu, an island on the southern island of Mori, is the largest and southernmost of New Zealand’s two main islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The South Island is separated from the North Island by Cook Strait to the north and from Stuart Island to the south by Fowac Street.


How to Get in South Island:

By plane:

South Island’s largest international airport with flights from near the Pacific Rim. There are also flights from Australia to Dunedin and Queenstown. Scheduled airports include Pictures, Blenheim, Nelson, Taka, Westport, Christchurch, Timor-Leste, Dunedin and Queenstown.Invercargill Airport has flights to Stuart Island. Christchurch has flights to the Chatham Islands.

Best Time to Visit in South Island:

This is a nutshell area you can head to the country whenever you want, but in short, you will have the best chance of comfortable weather and early spring (September-October) and low number of people in autumn (March-May). Our personal pick will be a tour of New Zealand during November / December; But then more truthfully, like all questions of this nature, there is no right answer. Each season has its own unique draw (and errors as well). But don’t be afraid to decide which time of year is ideal for you.

Best Things to Do on South Island:

Quinton is known as the adventure capital of New Zealand if not the world. Situated on a picturesque southern island, the resort town sits on the stunning shores of Lake Wakatipu, surrounded by beautiful hills, rivers, and spectacular canyons. People from all over the world come here to embrace the great outdoors and test their limits in adrenaline-pumping activities at various levels.

Bungy Jump:

The roots of the Bunji Jump are in Vanuatu, where people from the islands were known to fly on high ground with their feet tied. Several Crazy Quizzes updated the concept in 1988 using the latex rubber cord and a platform on the Kaurau Bridge near Quinton. With a top mindset of protection, they created an adrenaline adventure activity that swelled more than just passing backpacker fads. Now you can also choose from The Tail and Nevis Jump sites. However, to increase the fear-factor, try a back-to-back, eye-catching, water-touch, or night jump.

Go Canyoning:

The landscape around Quinton is perfect for the adventurous sport of Canyoning. If you have never heard of this fancy, it involves jumping, sliding, scrambling, climbing, overflowing, zip lining, and swimming in angry valley areas. You explore nature, deny gravity and examine your physical and mental limitations in a way you never know. This is the most hilarious outdoor experience for the Queenstown bucket list.

Try Flyboarding:

Who wouldn’t have imagined a superhero jumping into the air or jumping out of the water like a dolphin? Flooding gives you a jet-driven sensation that lets you hover over the water with the help of a hover board above your feet. It’s one of the new offers in Queenstown and it’s an explosion. It takes about 10 minutes of training and then you can build up to 30 feet high like Iron Man and Flyboard.

Experience whitewater rafting:

Many of the world’s rivers offer whitewater rafting trips, but Queenstown is a spectacular place to experience this kind of wild ride. Also, there are a few rivers nearby to satisfy all levels of thrill-seekers. First-time or family floaters may prefer the 2-3 grades of the Kawerau River, which sometimes provides a relaxed paddle through some dazzling scenes with a mix of fast shoots.

Thrill a jet boat:

Jet boating was one of the main adventure activities offered in the Quinton area. Shotover jet began shivering on the river in 1965, and with 50 years of experience, people were screaming for joy. The jet boat is a New Zealand invention that looks like part of the gushing canyons and part of the adrenaline rush as you zoom in on the broken speed along the river. These boats are moved by water jets instead of large numbers of sailors and can navigate in shallow waters in narrow streams and around rocky outcrops. When the jet boat pilot cuts the throttle of the engine, 180 degree spins pump your heart. Appropriate dress, as you will be sprayed.

Try helisking:

In the winter (remember, in New Zealand, it’s June to August), the Queenstown area is easily accessible with four great ski hills if regular skiing or snowboarding is too much for you, take things a step further with a Heliskiing or Heliboarding tour. Fly by helicopter to the outskirts of the Southern Alps and discover ancient conditions in unfamiliar terrain to descend. This powder doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a great thrill for those who can afford it.

Each mountain climb:

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, valleys, and rivers, Quinton is a great outer city. The unpaved alpine trails are effortless, ranging from easy day trips to multi-day backcountry adventures. More technical rock climbing and mountaineering can be arranged, and try waterfall ice climbing for an extra adventure. So, depending on your fitness level and your adrenaline endurance, there are plenty of ways to land your kicks at Ben Lomond, Jax Point and other notable ranges.

Best Hotels in South Island:

  • Minaret Station
  • Bay of Many Coves
  • Matakauri Lodge
  • Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses
  • Hulbert House
  • OMaha Whenua
  • The Cinema Suites
  • Cabot Lodge
  • Distinction Te Anau Hotel & Villas
  • Lakestone Lodge

Best Restaurants Nearby South Island:

New Zealand is a colorful collage of beautiful scenery, beaches, countryside, and beautiful homes. Those who have traveled to this breathtaking country are also looking forward to tasting its cuisine and kitchen chef-d’Uvri. From fine dining restaurants to cafes, bistros, and local dining; New Zealand has been a wonderful place to eat all kinds of food. Below we suggest some top-class restaurants near South Island.

  • Matakauri Lodge
  • Pegasus Bay
  • Arbour Restaurant
  • The Spice Room
  • Pedro’s House of Lamb
  • Fergburger
  • Plato
  • The Bunker Restaurant
  • Raj Indian Restaurant
  • Riverstone Kitchen


Religion in New Zealand surrounds different groups and faiths. Nearly half of New Zealanders (47.6 percent) say they have no religion in the 2013 census. New Zealand is a nominal Christian, however, Christianity remains the most common religion; In the 2018 census, 37 percent of the population identifies as Christian. On the other hand, about six percent of the population is Christian. With the largest of the Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Presbyterian communities.
Hinduism claims to be the second most popular religion, with 2.6 percent of the population, and Sikhism is growing rapidly.

The Currency of New Zealand:

The dollar is the currency of New Zealand. Of Course, All major credit cards can be used in New Zealand, with Visa and MasterCard widely accepted. However, we would be interested in paying you for New Zealand goods.

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