Saint Martin | Bangladesh | Best Hotels, Restaurants & Foods

Saint Martin- Best Hotels, Restaurants & Things to do

This article is about one of the most famous places in Bangladesh, Saint Martin. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh. Its natural beauty and pleasant environment will fascinate you. Another name for Saint Martin is ‘Cinnamon Island’. It is 7,315 km long. And it is divided into three parts. The northern part is called Coconut Ginger, the southern part is called Dakshinpara and the middle part is called Madhpara. This beautiful island is also divided into several beautiful islands.

Location and Map of Saint Martin:

Saint Martin is located on the south side of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Peninsula. It is an interesting small island. Next to it is another island named Jar Chera. It is located west of the Naf River in Myanmar.


How to Get in Saint Martin:

In Saint Martin you can travel by ferry or bus. The distance between Bangladesh and St. Martin’s Island is 476 km. The quickest way to get from Bangladesh to St. Martin’s Island is to fly and ferry.


However, the nearest airport to Teknaf is Cox’s Bazar Airport. So, you can fly to Cox’s Bazar by public or private flights. Because the price of each ticket is 3000-4500 taka. So, you can reach from Dhaka in 10-15 minutes. You can then travel by bus, own car, jeep or local transport service.


However, if you want to go by bus from Dhaka, you have to travel 10-11 hours. Also, there are many good buses that will give you the best service. The price of each ticket is 1200-1500 taka. Also, the scaffolding may be more or less the same depending on the time.


From Teknaf you can easily get to Saint Martin by ferry. Above all, You can go to St. Maarten by enjoying the river weather very comfortably. Reach St. Mary’s Tin in 2-3 hours. The ferry left Teknaf at 3 pm. So, your fare will be between 500-600 taka.

Best time to visit Saint-Martin:

The climate of Saint Martin is pleasant all year round. In Saint Martin in early spring and winter. The best time to visit St. Martin is between May to June or November and December, because this is the time when rain-clouds and storms are very rare. And this season, one of nature’s best games can be seen. Also, the hotel offers the best rates around the gourmet of this period.

Best Hotels in Saint Martin:

  • Blue Marine Beach.
  • Villa Jwi Lavi Boutique Hotel.
  • Residence La Please Orient Bay by Concierge FWI.
  • Friar’s Bay Studios.
  • Beyond Seas Studio.
  • Studio Starting.
  • La Plenitude.
  • Villa Allamanda, Green Cay, rue du Winch.
  • Magnifique studio vue piscine et lagon au Fla,boyant.
  • Cozi.

Best Restaurant in Saint Martin:

  • Restaurant at la samanna
  • LA vie en Rose
  • Sol E Luna
  • Temptation
  • Restaurant le santal
  • In Nettuno
  • Shiv sagar
  • Rare
  • Saratoga
  • Le Marrakech

Best things to do in Saint Martin:

You can enjoy your tour by doing various things. Below we will show you many enjoyable things do.

Bodies of water:

You can find many river and lake nearby saint Martin. Like Boga lake,Kaptai lake,Sangu river,Karnofuly river,Vatiary lake,Dharamsagar pond,Prantik lake. These lakes and rivers are truly amazing. You can enjoy the boat ride in these lakes and rivers. Also, you can enjoy your whole time with rivers and natural beauty in cent martin.

Nature & Parks:

If you want to feel nature you have to visit cent martin. Also, It’s nearby places. So, you can find natural beauty here. So, you should visit cent martin.

Cultural tour:

Get to know the history, culture, and scenery of the port city of Chittagong on a sightseeing tour. Enjoy the cultural and historical landmarks of the Commonwealth War Cemetery and the Zia Memorial Museum, as well as natural attractions such as Vatiari Lake and Patenga Beach. Also, see British-colon colonial architecture. And the end of the Karnafuli River, where the river merges with the sea.

WaterFall :

If you love nature then you will definitely want to see the beauty of the fountain. Himchari has the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. So, take time out and spend a day or part of the day with the shower.

Relogious site:

There are many beautiful mosques and temples in the vicinity of St. Martin. Like Chandanpura Mosque, Bayjid Bostami Mazar, Chandranath Temple, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, etc. You can also visit all these places on foot or by bike if you want. In addition to seeing the beauty of these mosques and temples, you can learn about their history.


Here you can enjoy various kinds of tours. Such as bike tour, bus tour, ferry tour,by-cycle tour, walk tour, cultural tour, private tour and so many. So, if you want to enjoy with your family and friends you should take one of these tours. You will enjoy it a lot besides you will learn a lot of things.


However, here you can find many beautiful and attractive beaches, big and small. Also, you can enjoy sunbath, the tube, and much more. If you want to be able to spend your time alone, then again in a very beautiful way. Here you can find opportunities. No one will bother you. And your loneliness partner on this island is yourself. Also, you can plan your trip with your family and friends.


Basically, Bangladesh is a Islamic country. About 80% of people are muslim. But, here also lives hindu, buddho,Chiristhan and other religious people peacefully.

The currency of Saint Martin:

The currency of Bangladesh is called TAKA. However, you can withdraw your money from any bank. Also, there are over 100+ ATM booths through which you can easily withdraw money, anytime.


However, Bangladesh is a country of full natural beauties. And Saint Martin is one of the best places for natural beauty. Also, here the environment and the people are very lovely. So, You should plan your vacation with your family and friends. And of course Saint Martin is very ideal place with your plan.

This coral island will make your trip exciting and memorable
Photo lovers don’t miss a single chance in St Martin

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