Saint Lucia, Caribbean | Hotel, Restaurant, Food & Things to do

Saint Lucia, Caribbean | Hotel, Restaurant, Food & Things to do

This beautiful Caribbean island welcomes sun-toasted beaches, landscaped landscapes adorned with bright twin pythons and a warm Saint Lucia, but there is much more to explore.

Saint Lucia island is made up of volcanoes and is divided from north to south by a central mountain range of wild mountains, the highest point being Mount Gimi 3915 feet [999 m]. Many streams flow from the hills in the fertile valley. To the southwest are the Gross and Petit Pythons (2,619 ft [79,88 m] and 2,460 ft [5050 m], respectively), two huge pyramids rising sharply from the sea and enclosing a small bay. Near Pete Pitton, in an ancient volcanic hole, boiling sulfur springs from which the nearby town of Sophie was named. A favorite tourist site, Springs also has ample energy potential. This is a very beautiful place.

Map and Location of Saint Lucia:


Saint Lucia is a wonderful island nation in the Caribbean Sea. It is the second largest in the Windward Group of Laser Antilles. It is located about 24 miles (39 km) south of Martinique and about 21 miles (34 km) northeast of St. Vincent.

Best Time To Visit:

Saint Lucia is the high season, also from mid-December to mid-April. You will enjoy the most sunshine this season. If you’re looking for a more relaxed box, the ‘wet’ season may be your choice between June and November.

How To Get In:

Hewanorra International Airport (UVF), near Vieux Fort.

By Air:

There are weekly flights from Toronto or Montreal to Saint Lucia’s Havenorro Airport. From North America, direct service to Saint Lucia is available from Miami Charlotte and Philadelphia to New York to Jet Blue and from Boston to Atlanta to Delta and from New Jersey and Chicago to United Airlines.

The Best Way To Get To Saint Lucia:

The best way to visit St. Lucia is by car or minibus, although taxis are also available and there are plenty of water taxis around the island Rental cars or scooters. This can be found at the Hiwanora International Airport (UVF) in the southern view of Vauxhall. Its about 40 miles south of Castridge.

Cost To Go In Saint Lucia:

The average cost of a day trip to Saint Lucia is 1, 1,871 for a single traveler, 3, 3,360 for a couple and 6 6,300 for a family of 4, Saint Lucia hotels range from 43 43 to 198 198 per night, while most vacation fares are 180 180 per night for the whole house. Will cost from 460.

Discover Saint Lucia Multi day Tour:

One of the most popular attractions in Saint Lucia is a view at La Soufriere. Exploring the west coast of the island as a group or in-person with your driver-guide who shows you the sights from Cartridge to the surrounding area of the island as your guide walks through the island’s hilly and flat roads.

Best Things To Do in Saint Lucia:

Saint Lucia’s activities took place on the west coast and especially in the Saufaria region. There, near the iconic Pitons or Mount Sapphire, an intense volcano that emits sulfuric vapors that you like to climb to the top of the viewers, honeymooners prefer snorkels in the clear waters of the Chassanet. There is work to be done further north in the Rodney Bay area. You will find the vibrant Reddit Beach and Pigeon Island national landmarks.

Pigeon Island National Landmark:

Pigeon Island travelers can apply an eclectic mix. You can get history lessons about previous occupations of the landmark or learn more about man-made causeway construction by connecting the island to the mainland now. You can also attend a concert or discover 18th-century military ruins, including Fort Rodney, which offers panoramic views of the sea and Rodney Bay. The 44-acre national landmark also includes two beaches and a few restaurants.

Reduit Beach:

Saint Lucia’s beaches are a dozen diamonds, but Reddit doesn’t like any of them. The wide shores of Rodney Bay bars, restaurants and shops, the glorious sunshine and proximity make for a simple beach experience. Adjacent to the Rodney Bay Mariner, Reddit is also a great place to try water sports like windsurfing and waterskiews. Which is not ideal for this beach, but honeymoons. As the most popular arrow in Saint Lucia, it goes without saying that this is not the place for any romantic rendezvous.

Anse Chastanet:

Arguably the best beach in Saint Lucia for snorkeling and diving, the more peaceful alternative to the sand of picturesque Anse Chastanet Redwit Beach. If you are reluctant to stay, you should consider a resort near the same name. Recent guests have appreciated its attentive staff and the unveiling of the water. Even if you are not at a nearby resort, you can use its on-site restaurant and dive shop or see the bar on its site.

The Pitons:

It grows taller than the sea and is covered with emerald-colored vegetation, and these volcanic plugs are the most iconic sight in all of Saint Lucia. Located between the towns of Saufrie and Kaysul, Gross Pitton and its younger brother Patit Pitton are easily visible from many points in the southwest.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens:

If you’re tired of the ounce on the beach and haven’t made any price hikes through Pitton, moving a few hours away to the Diamond Falls Botanical Garden can certainly be a relaxing and captivating, compromise. This 6-acre attraction is full to the brim with vibrant leaves including hibiscus, eksora and heliconia to name a few. Diamond Falls Falls also changes color throughout the year due to a feast for the eyes, a mixture of rainwater and volcanic minerals that flow down the waterfall. Here, you can take a dip in the mineral baths on site, dine at the Old Mill and Waterhill restaurants, or explore the Sapphire Estate.

Marigot Bay:

It is called Hollywood Marigold Bay (the reason for the original view) because this scenic coast just south of Castridge along the west coast is typical of the Caribbean. It describes the complete Marigold as romantic, with palm trees, anchor boats and white sand beaches, and it is true that Happiness is quieter than redvit jumping.

Sulphur Springs:

Sulfur springs have been billed as the “only drive-in volcano” in the Caribbean, meaning visitors are able to drive safely through an active volcano. Located in the western city of Saufria, this belching mountain emits sulfuric steam instead of lava, so be sure to hold your nose to protect yourself from the smell of your strong rotten eggs. The attraction also features warm sulfuric pools that allow visitors to bathe.

Castries Market:

Castris Market is the local food and tea chalk market in the capital city for the last century. Open every day except Sunday, locals gather to sell Saint Lucia-stamped souvenirs for tourists as well as a variety of products and spices.

Best Hotels in Saint Lucia:

There are many hotels in Saint Lucia that will make your trip even better. Here are the best hotels in Saint Lucia selected by our experts, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels, and Saint Lucia Hotel deals.


It is one of the most exceptional places in the world to stay. Relax in the beautifully lined wooden suites with the elements fully exposed and hang out in your immersion pool for a spectacular view of Pitton. Everything about this adult-only resort cries out for romance.

Sugar Beach:

Located in Pitton, a landmark of Saint Lucia in the former Chinese colony, this luxurious hotel occupies the most memorable place anywhere in the Caribbean with white-on-white interiors, the accommodation is fantastic; Other highlights include a forest spa with tree house treatment gazebos.

Anse Chastanet Resort:

Cocooned with the outside world in a vast militant estate, the hotel is especially appealing to fugitives, romantics and divers – but also appeals to those who don’t like to have cookie-cutters. The best of the memorable bedrooms keep an eye on Marjik Pitton through the lost fourth wall.

Royalton Saint Lucia Resort & Spa:

This all-inclusive resort on the sprawling beachfront near Castris is a destination in itself, with chic suites and lots of bells and whistles (bottle service and the island’s largest spa among them) so you’ll be struggling to find a reason to go.

Jade Mountain:

Jade Mountain is a tough competitor to the most attractive hotels in the Caribbean. The statue of the future sits in the ultimate solitude of the mountains, its huge suites staring through their lost fourth wall over the landmark pythons of Saint Lucia and the wonderful view of the sea. This is a cost-free honeymoon area.


The crystals are a bunch of exteriorly decorated cottages and villas with private pools in the wild behind the knockout scene of Pitton. Although not for everyone, it’s a fun, intriguing and reunion place – and unlike anywhere else in Saint Lucia.

Cap Maison:

The Haseenda-style Cap Mason is the best place to stay in Saint Lucia in the north, and with two great restaurants, it’s the best hotel to dine anywhere on the island. The location of ClipFtop is also a great sales center, while the beach is a beautiful cove under a long-haul plane.

Têt Rouge:

An idyllic abode on a hill above Choisole on the picturesque west coast of Saint Lucia. Take the grouse piton from the field to the top of the house or down to the secluded beach. Eat home-cooked Creole food on the small terrace while taking in St. Vincent’s views.

Ti Kaye Resort & Spa:

This dramatically located and remote Cliftop Hotel sits perched high on top of one of Saint Lucia’s best beaches. Its fun ginger bread cottages are ideal for romance, the atmosphere is contagiously cool, the food is great, there is a lovely little spa and the first rate of snorkeling and diving.

Things to Eat In Saint Lucia, Caribbean:

Saint Lucia Dishes in the Caribbean You will find a number of delicious dishes in the Caribbean. Green figs and saltfish in fried bakes religiously served with cocoa tea. On rainy days that were cut down from generation to generation and today is the national dish of Saint Lucia, St. Lucian cooking will leave you wanting more.
However, you will find that all of these face-to-face meals are being prepared every day at families in Saint Lucia or at many local restaurants in and around Saint Lucia.

St. Lucia Lambi:

Saint Lucia Lambi is one of the dishes you will see at street parties on Friday nights and on weekends in Saint Lucia. The locals give it an idol and the visitors also like it. Therefore, visitors who come to get samples of this dish are often blown away by the delicious taste of the St Lucian method to prepare the shellfish selfishly.

Green Figs and Saltfish:

Green figs and saltfish are a dish that goes back to the history of Saint Lucia. This dish is prepared with green bananas and salted codefish as its main ingredients. The Lucians refer to green bananas as figs. Green bananas are very popular on the island and have long been an integral part of the local diet. These are also the main exports of Saint Lucia. Mostly, Green bananas are cooked separately in salt water with garlic cloves to make green fish and salt fish dishes. Codfish are boiled several times to remove excess salt.

Fried Plantain:

Plantines are a staple food of the rural St. Lucian community and are found in abundance in the castridge market. Fried platinum is usually served on its own or as a lunch for lunch or dinner. Fried platinum is prepared from thick oblique cuts or very clean pieces. Cut into thin and fried dry pieces, they make a delicious snack that children love to prepare fried vegetables in coconut oil at many local restaurants on the island, then served with seasoned and lightly salted and then flavored spicy sauces.

Callaloo Soup:

Calalu soup is made from a herbaceous plant that is widely used for cooking in the Caribbean. The tree is found in abundance, mainly in the rural areas of Saint Lucia. Although very popular in Saint Lucia, Calalu soup is a dish that comes from West Africa. Calalu soup is prepared with the main ingredients calalu leaves, marinated meat (variety), potato or ground provisions, onion garlic, rye, and coconut milk.


Accra is one of the most popular foods in Saint Lucia. It is often prepared using small pieces of salted codfish; However, variations of other types of fish recipes are used. Accra recipes include lots of seasonings and spices that give it the ultimate taste. To give Accra an extra kick, some recipes often include Scotch bonnet peppers.


Breadfruit is one of the favorite foods of the locals in Saint Lucia. It is a staple food like many preferred potatoes. But the taste varies depending on whether it is ripe or ripe. It is usually cooked after ripening and has a gum flavor. Breadfruit is prepared in a variety of ways. It is usually boiled in salted water and served as part of a dish. It is sometimes fried after boiling and mixed with seasoning. And other ingredients, are made into pies and then saved.

St. Lucian Pepper Pot:

The St. Lucian Paper Pot is a variation of the stew of the chili pot that is herbalized and cooked in large quantities with meat, ground provisions and plenty of spices.
The most popular meat used in St. Lucian pepper pot is goat or mutton. Meat is used along with other chickens. In addition to lots of seasoning, Scotch bonnet or other types of hot peppers is use to give this dish the final taste.

St. Lucian Bouillon:

St. Lucian Boylon is a very tasty soup that includes lots of ingredients. Including pumpkin and meat mixed in a large pot. Usually, pork is used, but as an alternative we have many varieties of mutton, goat meat, beef, and even chicken recipes. Lentils or red beans are also include to add concentration to the soup.

Green Fig Salad:

The green fig salad is similar to the potato salad but made with locally green bananas. Moreover, this is a very popular dish in Saint Lucia. The main ingredients of the green fig salad are cooked diced green bananas, flavored codfish, dressed vegetables and seasonings and spices. However, the dish is given a creamy texture with mixed mayonnaise to complete the recipe. Reen Green Fig Salad is popularly served as a side dish at barbecues, family gatherings and picnics, or Sunday lunches at St. Lucian families.

Fried Bakes:

Fried bakes are one of Saint Lucia’s most popular dishes, and are also known as “float” or Johnny cake. This is a simple recipe that is made by cutting round pieces like donuts without making a hole in the middle. Also, Fried bakes have a few straight ingredients, including flour, salt and sugar. Although they are called baked, they are fried and not put in an oven for boiling. When the fried flour is cooked, it gets a golden brown color and floats on the surface of the frying pan.

Best Restaurants in Saint Lucia:

Saint Lucia is world-famous for its beauty, luxury, and romance. So it is only fitting that the best restaurants of the Caribbean countries are as elegant and sophisticate as every hospitality institution on the island. From informal beach shacks to treated private clubs, explore the best places to visit while dining on Saint Lucia Island. Regardless of which option you choose, be sure to always ask if the lobster is in season.

Bayside Restaurant:

This beachfront restaurant combines breath-taking with Pitton’s admirable beach food. Enjoy gourmet pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven and choose one of the many delicious cocktails on the menu. The gorgeous, cool Caribbean Ambience blends well with the restaurant’s chic design. Therefore, we recommend hitting the beach and perhaps opting for some snorkeling or boating. So, just ask the resort staff for help, and be ready to sunbathe and stay away from your heart’s desire.


The award-winning restaurant at Ladera Resort in Sapphire serves authentic St. Lucian food. Overlook the majestic Pitton Mountains swaying with Dishin for cocktails and conch salads during the day, or come at night for a level romantic dinner, when the setting sun cat lit up the BTC over everything while a live band tunes your lovely food. Also keep an eye out for lobster pasta, especially lobster pasta foods. So, don’t miss it.

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat:

Chocolate is a specialty in Saint Lucia and there is no better place to enjoy the deliciousness of the island than the hotel chocolate baucan. So, visit the historic Robot Estate in advance and sign up for a probably tree-to-bar experience to better familiarize yourself with the process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate. Then, enjoy the caco cooking at the boutique hotel restaurant and check out one of the many chocolate-themed cocktails available by the mixologist at the resort bar.

Jade Mountain Club:

The Jade Mountain is a legend for becoming one of the most romantic hotels in the entire Caribbean, and the Jade Mountain Club is just as luxurious and elegant. The club dining is only available to guests at the resort. If you haven’t yet experienced staying at a three-walled resort overlooking the Caribbean Sea. There’s no better time than now to book your next bucket-listing trip.

The Naked Fisherman:

The sunset on the smuggled cove is simply breathtaking and dont miss. The best way to enjoy the technical light show happening in the sky. Of course The Naked Fisherman has a cocktail and some seafood. So, visit this beach establishment for some authentic island vibes, and some live music if you’re lucky.

Great Room Restaurant:

For Sanskrit and discerning travelers, the Great Room Restaurant at Sugar Beach Viceroy is just a sight to behold. Admire the Andy Warhol and Damien Hist artwork within the restaurant’s elegant walls and enjoy the magnificent vistas of the Pythons and the Caribbean Sea from the terrace. This five-star dining experience is the perfect way to toast the beginning of your trip or you never end up spending a tropical vacation.

The Pink Plantation House:

Pink Plant House is an establishment in Castridge, the capital of Saint Lucia, with a delightful tropical environment and reliably delicious seafood dishes. Although the Pink Plantation House is open for lunch every weekend, we recommend that the meal be a weekend affair. The Pastel-Hueid restaurant will be close on Saturdays for Friday dinner or Sunday brunch.

Ti Bananne Caribbean Bistro & Bar:

Located at the Coco Palm Resort in Rodney Bay Village, Saint Lucia, Ti Banana Caribbean Bistro and Bar is a delicious seafood meal and an island favorite for direct live entertainment.

Treehouse Restaurant:

Then Saufria’s Tree House Restaurant is the culinary experience of your dreams. Two open-air tree houses overlooking the Caribbean Sea in Anse Chasanet offer award-winning summer cuisine, including summer recipes from Saint Lucia and around the world. The candlelit setting creates a romantic atmosphere, with local artefacts hanging inside the walls and tropical leaves ining off the deck outside the restaurant lining.

Is It Safe In Saint Lucia?:

Despite the level of crime, the Saint Lucia family is perfectly safe to visit. With its all-inclusive resorts and hotels, you and your kids will have no problem finding a leisurely adventure while visiting this Caribbean island.

Need A Visa For Saint Lucia:

Saint Lucia must receive a visa, or unless they come from a visa-exempt country upon arrival. Certainly, Cruise ship passengers arriving in Saint Lucia for one day are not exempt from obtaining a visa.


The culture of Saint Lucia mixes the influences of African, French and English heritage. English is the official language of the island, but Creole, a form of French Patois, remains an influential secondary language. The people are mainly Catholic but tolerant of religious climate.


The main religions are Roman Catholicism and Seventh-day Adventists and other Protestants are important minorities. Saint Lucia’s population growth rate is slightly higher than the Caribbean average. However, the main population centers are Castridge and Views Fort.


The East Caribbean, or as it is commonly refer to as the EC dollar. It is the local currency and is accept everywhere on the island of Saint Lucia. Also, the US dollar exchange rate may vary from place to place.

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