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Left to the mercy of the soft and lapping of the Indian Ocean, the islands of the Maldives are sculpted and undoubtedly become one of the fifth most beautiful tropical places in the world. The dust from the northern atlas can be seen from the entire Indian subcontinent to the shores of the world’s oceans and from the beaches of the southern islands. Most visitors will come down to the drawer. As a result, it is proud of the spicy and fragrant market of an island full of its own peaks and great mosques. For the most part, they don’t last long before hitting seaplanes or boats and creating a glossy private subdivision of their chosen resort, where endless pools and over-water cabanas are ideal.

Location and Map of Maldives:

Malaysia is located in southeastern Asia. Malaysia is bordered by Brunei, Indonesia (on the island of Borneo), Thailand, and the South China Sea.


How to Get in the Maldives:

The capital city is about 2.2 square miles and any resort you choose will be mobile. Island-hopping in your own leisure time is not really the best option as the ferry network is not very wide. Once you arrive at Velana International Airport (MLE) on Hulhul Island you will probably be taken to the island where you are staying by a representative from your resort. You will need to take a speedboat to reach your final destination.

On foot:

Walking is the most convenient option once you reach the island of your choice. The resort is easily managed on all legs like the men as well as the islands.


If you’re trying to get somewhere in a hurry, grab a seaplane. Your resort can use you to get to and from the airport. On these short jaunts, you will enjoy a natural bird’s eye view of reefs and islands. For island hop by air, compare Trans Maldives Airways and Atoll transfer rates.


It is one of the best ways to travel to the rich and famous. Yachts ply through these islands and provide the best access to remote islands and isolated rocks. Many resorts have their own docks for the convenience of sea travelers. You can charter a yacht once you get here or you can just bring your own. Remember, licensed tour operators can take you to islands that are usually beyond the reach of tourists.


You will also see some taxis in men and these can be effective if you have luggage or get caught in a thunderstorm. You can either call a taxi or call for it. A trip usually costs about 20 rupees (about 30 1.30) including a fee for a bag of 10 rupees (about 65 cents).

Best Places to Visit in the Maldives:


Scooters and cars and the Indian markets are adorned with coconuts and spices, the Maldives, the capital of the Atlas of the Maldives – there is an insane feeling that it is too small for any place. And that’s why. Although rarely seen (most travelers bypass the city on the beach and go straight to their resort), the city is spread over a pint-sized island in northern male Atlanta. It fits in with some of the most spectacular sights in the middle of its streets, though, like the 17th-century Friday Mosque and the golden-tipped Islamic center. The men’s market is one more – don’t forget to scratch your hugging skills.

Hulhumle Island:

The Maldives is at the top of most “must-see” lists and for good reason. The beauty and splendor of the islands do not match, on the other hand, sandy beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, and resorts add to the beauty. Hulhumle Island is easily accessible and very friendly for all budget brackets. This is ideal for everyone: whether on vacation with family or friends, the hustle and bustle will leave you with wonderful memories.


Mafushi may not have a huge luxury resort and lots of five star hotels which many brothers in the neighborhood do but it is very interesting. The region, devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, has been rebuilding fishing jetties and hardworking sailors’ huts for the past decade. The aid is opening up the rights to some local guesthouses, making Mafushi a top-beat island itinerary for budget travelers. Of course, you can enjoy the picturesque beach with the help of dates and expect a clutch of small coffee shops along the coast.


Located on the northernmost tip of all the islands in the Maldives, Ha Ha Alif has a special place in the history of the Atoll Islands. Because it is the house of the once revered Sultan Mohammad Thakurufanu. He was a leader who had the credit of driving out Portuguese invaders from the island in the late sixteenth century. Of course, there are the glossy white shelf and the waves of the Indian Ocean, but these are interrupted by Uthamu places like Uthemu Ganduvaru, the wooden palace where the revered leader grew up.


Federer’s story is an interesting one. Now the people who live in the middle of the narrow road and the narrow housing block are the inhabitants of the surrounding mass island. The song was converted into an Airbus when the British ran for WWII and the locals were sent to live on the next island, including Senu Atoll. It was Fedhoo, which is a beautiful picture of life in the Maldives today. Come and sample a walkway and seafood with the locals – the reception is always warm.


Located just above the coral-stalk coast of Sinu Atoll, connected to the buttocks at the top of the coast, is a major link to the Maradhu Islands that begin with the masses from the east. Long and slender, it spreads like a finger swaying on the beach and in the groves of coconut palms.

Veligandu Island:

Romantic oceans glow red and yellow over the waters of the Indian Ocean; Clicks cocktails at the resort’s luxury bar; The sea kayak bob and crystal-clear waves of the turquoise coast rolled gently from the inner lagoon. Honeymooners and newlyweds are a common site of this long, slender fingertip land on the western edge of the North Erie Atoll and there are plenty of seaside villas and suites to match.

Banana Reef:

Many travelers traveling to the islands of the Maldives will come for just one thing and only one thing diving.
And there is no better place in the country to donate SUQA gears and weight suits than a banana reef.
It has been served by countless outfitters, leading to the unveiling of strip snappers and bulbs sponges, reef sharks, and barracudas that come together here.

Thulusadhu Island:

It is the spirit of the salt-washed Caribbean that drives Thulasdu Island. Mostly uncovered, this swarm of male atlases is scattered with vast sands from which the bulbs spread hundreds of coconut stems. The beaches are naturally great and the locals love to float a very good sizzling seafood barbeque now and then to draw their faded fishing boats.
Thulusadhu: All these things fit perfectly with other travelers in surfing. Find the fun of the left-hand roller that gets close and closes at Villinglimathi Hura

Fuwahmulah :

Fuwahmullah has promised to do something different from the rest of the Maldives. To begin with, this trap has no really close neighbor on the map of the Indian Ocean and it occupies an atoll of its own. It is occasionally mixed with inland lakes, which is a rare sight seen in this plain. The already popular Bang Beach sandy sandbanks produce some crashing rollers and fresh salt-spray (breaks from normal relaxing lapping lagoons) and proximity to the Earth’s equator means steamy weather throughout the year.


Alimatha Island Located on the eastern tip of the Maldives, in the famous Felid Atoll, Alimatha is a great tourist island that offers a touch of luxury cabana, spiritual sandy beaches and – most importantly – some of the most famous scuba diving spots nearby. Resorts across the island are often filled with interested divers, all of whom come to explore the beautiful coral reefs and sea walls around the coast. They are filled with jackfish, peacocks and els and are known for their high visibility and popular night diving packages.

Heath Larger:

Heath Larger (for at least one Maldivian island): and higher-populated (again, for at least one Maldivian island), this subdivision of Edu City in Old Senu Atoll can be reached for the same reason that connects the song to Maradhu. At its southern end the site is lined with mangroves, swamps and bushes, while the northern side of the island is a combination of cafes and bakeries and occasional loom minarets erected from local mosques. More than anything, Hithadhu has an interesting resident view; It’s hard to discover anywhere else in the resort-heavy country.


Kuredu is the self-proclaimed gem of the Lahaviani Atoll, which has reached the north-central part of the Maldivian archipelago.
A boomerang-shaped island, it is completely covered by a single resort, which offers rows of walled bamboo shacks and those ubiquitous overwater bungalows with verandas above the waves.


This mass is primarily for airports, the second largest airport in the whole of the Maldives for the British Royal Air Force during World War II, and former airports. It only attracts the crowds at the airport, not the accessibility because the public has spectacular small fishing restaurants. and small shores of shiny sand that are usually completely empty for visitors.

Kunfundhu Island:

If you’re after the faded luxury and romance of the Maldives, you probably won’t be disappointed to see the rich resort on Kunfunadhu Island – it has consistently been hailed as the most fun place to stay in the country.
Visitors enter through a great hall of raw wood hidden in the grooves of coconut palms. From there, it includes cocktail decks, a few infinity pools, a swimming bar, and a private small sandy beach with a basin track of Indian Ocean waves and the opportunity to dine and see why it is so popular.

Best Things to Do in the Maldives:

Water flying:

Resorts like Adaran Huduranfushi offer activities like water flying. It’s one of the funniest things to do in the Maldives and I recommend trying it out – even if you have the chance, you won’t be able to stand for long. Flying in the water requires a lot of energy in the legs and abs, which you may or may not have. It’s really an explosion. This is definitely what to do in the Maldives for a good laugh.

Fun tubing:

One of the great things to do in the Maldives is the fun tube. I’ve tried it in Eilat in Israel and let me tell you it’s an adrenaline-filled experience. It’s an intense 8-minute laugh and scream. Making fun tubes in the Maldives has to be the craziest thing. It is a million miles away from the romantic picture that most people have these islands of paradise, and still have many parts of it!


Even if you think you’re not afraid of heights (I don’t think so even after being on the zip line in Argentina) parasailing is bound to take your breath away. Literally. Quick boat and sail will spread for you and you will rise in the air. It’s 15 minutes of a sigh. You’ll probably spend the first minute saying it’s great. Then there are very small ways to understand the boat. If you don’t want that there is a possibility that you don’t want to and you need to close your eyes and take some deep breaths. I promise you it’s an incredible thing to do – it’s important to see the Maldives from above! This is really one of the best things to do in the Maldives.


Visiting the Maldives. If you don’t have a license, you can only go up to 12 meters deep, but marine life is absolutely stunning – you’ll be able to see sharks, gulls, and many other species. Tip: Make sure you stay calm and breathe slowly while in the water!

Surfing and SUP:

You will find some of the finest waves in the world. I didn’t try to surf myself, because obviously, the waves are quite advanced for surfers. However, a lot of people go there, especially in search of the UAE. If surfing isn’t your thing, you can try paddling (SUP) though: it’s a lot of fun. The water is very smooth, and you can see corals and fish at the bottom. SUP is all you need to do in the Maldives to have fun, cool, and easy (good, pick) sports and great water viewing.

Best Time to Visit in the Maldives:

November – February:

Proud picture Perfect weather and clear blue sky, November to February is a great time to visit the Maldives. Visitors can expect little rain, low humidity, and plenty of tropical sunshine, making it ideal for snorkeling, sunbathing, and beach trips. However, December to February is also the busiest time of the year in the Maldives. As such, flight and accommodation prices are at their most expensive, especially during the Christmas and New Year periods (many resorts also require a minimum of 5 days or more at this time). While the Maldives is the busiest, each resort lives on its own island, so you don’t have to deal with the huge crowds that you may encounter during the peak season at otherholiday destinations.

March – April:

The Maldives is often considered the shoulder season, March to April is a great time to visit the Maldives. This time of year brings more great weather as the hottest month of April. Visitors can expect temperatures ranging from 26 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius and a little average rainfall. The Maldives surf season also begins in March and runs everywhere until October. During the season, winter depression systems in the South Indian Ocean bring strong waves from 4-5 feet to medium, sometimes up to 8-10 feet.

May – October:

The Maldives ‘monsoon season lasts from May to October. This time of year is characterized by heavy rainfall, strong wind, and rough seas. Peaking in June, flights in the rainy season, and low prices for accommodation bring scuba diving is also the best, as marine life in the western atlas is more diverse. However, we think it is worth paying a little more and sticking to the dry season. There’s not much to do in the rainy season other than drinking, sleeping, or scuba diving, but then it doesn’t feel so bad again!

Best Hotels Nearby Maldives:

  • LUX SOUTH ARI ATOLL (Best for a stay longer)
  • SONEVA JANI (Best for families)
  • THE NAUTILUS, MALDIVES (Best for a boho experience)
  • JOALI (Best for going back to basics)
  • MILAIDHOO ISLAND MALDIVES (Best for switching off)
  • COCOON MALDIVES (Best for island setting)
  • HURAWALHI ISLAND RESORT (Best for marine aficionados)
  • PARADISE ISLAND (Resort & Spa)

Best Restaurants Nearby Maldives:

Add to the plan When thinking of restaurants in the Maldives, one usually thinks of the special ones that are thought to be those extravagant that India restaurants. But the sculpted Maldivian islands are actually cooked to compliment many of the ground-level delicacies, many of which use fresh fish and seafood to make truly savory dishes. 1 of the most stunning restaurants in the Maldives.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant:

There is nowhere else to dine under the sea, like the Itha Indian restaurant. Conrad Maldives is part of the Rangali Island Resort, a simple, elegant place that specializes in the best quality of contemporary European cuisine. Guests can enjoy the unique opportunity to observe reef sharks and manta rays behind them. At the same time enjoy a luxurious six-course dinner. This is definitely a valuable restaurant, so enjoy a mid-morning cocktail or four-course lunch instead of a great meal option for those on a tight budget. Itha India Restaurant, Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island, Maldives Expert.

Iberry Cafe:

A place to dine with the locals to avoid tourists, Iberry Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants in Hulhomal. The small, boutique-style dining in the residential part of the city, the service is fast and friendly and the distributors always maintain the atmosphere with chatter. Served with a variety of foods common to the region, both fish curry and shrimp fried rice are great choices. A range of freshly made juices is also on the menu and is absolutely essential for cooling on hot, messy days.

Jazz Café:

Serving a mix of the Maldives and international cuisine in a trendy, low-key setting, Jazz Caf is hugely popular with young and old, tourists and locals alike. The caf ?????? often hosts live music jigs, entertaining diners with talented jazz, rock, and soul numbers with talented local musicians, making it a great choice for an enjoyable and cozy dinner restaurant. Meals on offer include roast chicken with yellow chicken curry, roshi, beef and onion stir fry, and barbecue sauce. The menu is a little different every day, encouraging diners to come back the next day to try something new.


Rediscovering the modern bistro, KITCHEN is the answer to the W Retreat and Spa – Maldives Round-the-Double Dining. A kitchen is a great place for a half-buffet breakfast, a great lunch throughout the day, and a well-known cart’s dinner menu at any time of the day. They are given a unique twist to make them extra special. The open kitchen station enables the guests to prepare the beautiful dishes of the chefs. And the setting of the restaurant makes the view of the best sunset view imaginable. Presents a romantic dinner.


A stunning alternative to the Undersea restaurant, Muraka sits on the sea at the end of a jetty. Makar dishes are presented like every work of art, as the palate is pleasing to the eye. Specializing in local seafood complemented by exotic flavors, guests should choose whole fish delicacies for an extra fun meal experience. Another great dining option is to order the Maldives Experience menu, which has four down-to-earth courses of authentic local food.

Palace Sichuan:

Offering high-quality Cantonese cuisine to the Maldives, the Palace Sichuan consists of a main communal dining room and a few small private rooms named after various Chinese cities, available for rental party dinners and private lunches for celebrations. The menu is full of flavored rice- and noodle-based dishes, as well as great choices of jumbo shrimp, beef and whole fish to choose from in western China’s Sichuan province. Many of the ingredients used in the dishes are imported directly from China, ensuring that the fruit flavors are true to the traditional Sichuan cooking style.

Reethi Restaurant:

Delivering edible food in stunning environments, One Oli Riti Restaurant spreads over the sea, creating an open-concept kitchen with rooftop glass curtains enabling guests to visit renowned chefs at work. The kitchen is a combination of Asia-Pacific and Mediterranean flavors, with theme nights dedicated to showcasing the restaurant’s most popular dishes. Every Monday the Rethi restaurant becomes Italian, with a widespread of chefs fine charcoal, homemade pasta, gonochi, risotto, and grilled treats. Fridays steal Indian-themed, several live cooking stations, Tandoor and Curry shows. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at Car La Cart throughout the week, and wine binders can enjoy browsing the walk-in wine room to choose their favorite bottle.

Sala Thai:

Believing in the saying ‘this is what you eat’, Sala Thai chefs do their best to ensure that only fresh, healthy ingredients can be used in their meals. Every week a new ingredient from Asia is added, enabling the chefs to serve a generous portion of delicious authentic Siam food. Located within the small Sala Boutique Hotel, this restaurant makes the perfect escape away from the menacing streets of men for a quiet and cozy lunch or dinner. Spicy marinated prawns with spicy panang curry and spicy fish sauce are both delicious menu options that can be enjoyed in the dining area in the lovely outdoor patio.

The Sea House:

However, the Sea House is one of the most panoramic views of the island. The restaurant’s open-air deck overlooks the Malay port. Also, with views of the beautiful Indian Ocean and the lagoons surrounding the city. Patrons can land and take off at the neighboring Hulhule Island airport while watching the sunset, making it an ideal place to enjoy a meal and a “mocktail”. However, the food at The Sea House is varied and reasonably priced with South Asian influences, including Thai green curry and the Som Tom national papaya-based salad. Also, the restaurant hosts a special sushi lunch. It is served with mashuni roshi, a typical Maldivian breakfast made with tuna, coconut, onion, pepper, and lime.


The longest-running restaurant group in the Maldives is Symphony, which includes Symphony Garden and Symphony Solo. Located in the heart of the Mall. Symphony serves Western, Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese style food in a small and comfortable dining area. The venue is popular with the local Mala people. Those who made hot tuna macaroni for the national dish, especially for the palate of the Maldives. So, other menu highlights include Lebanese chicken vegetable rice and salad, mixed seafood, and grilled lobster with vegetable pie and lemon butter sauce.

Best Foods of the Maldives:


One of the primary dishes of the local people and it is very popular. Then see what is used to make this traditional tidy dish from the Maldives. To clarify, Garudhiya is a fragrant dish, fish soup usually made with fish, cooked using water and salt. Also, it is served with lime, rice and pepper, and onion.

Mas Huni:

One of the most common foods in the Maldives is fish, honey. It is served with chopped fish, especially raw coconut, lemon, and onion. Of course, it’s after a fun meal. The dish is eaten with chapati bread called roshi, it’s the most popular Maldivian breakfast.


Masatoshi is a chapati, filled with smoked tuna and coconut. But, the aroma of curry leaves and spices will make you ‘MMMM’!

Bis Keemiya:

Somewhat like samosas and spring rolls, Bis Chemia is an interesting dish that makes a great snack. So, it’s a pastry filled with tuna / hardboiled eggs, chopped onions, and slowly grated cabbage. Above all, the authenticity of the flavors makes it a must-try in the Maldives.

Boshi Mashuni (Banana Flower Salad):

Somewhere between the salsa and the salad is a mixture of both mash unit. Such as crunchy, chopped banana flowers, and fresh coconut. The curry leaves, turmeric and cumin dishes, spices, lime, and Maldivian pepper. So, give it a clear twist while providing a pleasant taste.

Fried Yams:

Yam is one of the few crops grown on this amazing island. As a result, fried yams are a very popular food in the Maldives! Crunchy outside and moist inside.

Maldivian Live Lobster:

Lobster tastes best when cooked live – it melts in the mouth and leaves a distinctive taste. Also, properly served Maldivian lobster at your table is a common pleasure in life. So, you will not want to miss it!

Saagu Bondibai:

Sago or Abundance is a popular ingredient in the human diet in the Maldives. Also, you will know why when using this pudding made with sago. But, it is warmed with coconut milk and is associated with condensed milk. The essence of cardamom and rose further enhances the whole experience. However, it is one of the best vegetarian dishes in the Maldives.

Reef Fish Cutlets:

Reef fish is a very popular dish in the Maldives. Also, it is served in the form of spicy reef fish cutlets like a tandoor. There are coconut and mint chutney/papaya/cucumber aspects. So, give it a try!


Gulha is called ‘short brick’ or ‘evening snack’, which tastes great when served freshly baked with tea or coffee. These are small bite-sized dumplings filled with tuna fish, onions, peppers, and grated coconut.

Kulhi Boakibaa:

Kushi boba is a fish cake. Of course, try Maldivian food try it is cooked on special occasions at home in the Maldives. But it is easily available in many cafes. Therefore, the cake is made with smoked tuna, scraped coconut, onion, and ground rice.

Aluvi Boakibaa:

Aluva Bokiba is a sweet cassava and coconut cake that melts in the mouth and takes one to heaven! It has made locals and tourists alike an integral part of Maldivian food.

Fish curry:

Most of the popular dishes in the Maldives include fish. But, how about you use very basic and very important fish curry – creamy, flavorful, and spicy. Also, favorite fish include skipjack tuna and small tuna, yellowfin tuna and frigate tuna, bigeye scad, ohu, and mahi-mahi. On the other hand, fish curry is served with rice, roshi and papadhu, and Maldivian papadam.


Rihakuru is a thick paste made by cooking fish for a long time. However, this spicy dish is a favorite of Maldivian families. Therefore, tear off a piece of rope, dip in rihakuru, eat, and repeat until your stomach is satisfied!

Maldivian Lady:

Give your senses a good treat for a fresh and tropical flavor and a taste of this Maldivian drink. It’s made with a white creamy skinned, apricot brandy, grenadine, orange, and pineapple juice. However, sit under the night sky in the cool breeze and sip this drink gine paradise.


You have to convert your money to Maldivian rufiyaa. There are many ATM booths nearby. So, you just need to find one ATM booth to convert.


The Maldives is an Islamic country, besides people of other religions also live here. People of all religions live here peacefully. The locals are very friendly and you can easily get along with them.


  • Do not engage in PDAs on populated islands.
  • Do not bring prohibited items on your trip.
  • Don’t expect free or fast Wi-Fi.
  • Wear modest clothing on inhabited islands.
  • Move your shoes to the door of any house or mosque.
  • Be extra respectful in Ramadan.

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