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10 Best places in Hong Kong- China

Hong Kong is the third-largest city in the world after London and New York, which expands the experience. Once you reach this world-famous city, you will no doubt be greeted with a rushing metro train and skyrocketing crops that seem like minutes away. Hong Kong is officially known as the Special Administrative Region of the Republic of China. It is located in Southeast Asia along the Pacific coast. There are lots of best places nearby you will love.

Skyline Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Skyline- China

Hong Kong has the most impressive and recognized skyline in the world. The dense skyscrapers of both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon combine with the surrounding hills and ports to separate the city. In the harbor, high-end red-powered Chinese junk boats and high-end Star Ferry are in stark contrast to the modern high-rise background. At night, as the sky gets darker and the city lights fill the scene, the image of the sky completely changes character. The two best places to see it’s airline are either from the top of Victoria Peak or from Kowloon Falls (early on near the Clock Tower at Sim Sha Sasui), not too far from the Star Ferry Dock, where benches line up with the fountain and look across Hong Kong. The modern location is the best place to set up a Symphony of Lights laser and light show music at night.

Victoria Peak (The Peak), Hong Kong:

Victoria Peak (The Peak), Hong Kong- China

You didn’t see the best of Hong Kong until you came to the sky from Victoria Peak. Drive the tram to the top of this picturesque view to see the skyscrapers, the rugged city, the harbor and the surrounding islands. At the top of the tram are the Peak Tower and Peak Gallery, shops, restaurants and an observation deck. Most of the peaks seen in the rich metropolis below are covered by a huge park with lush greenery, nature trails and more beautiful views. A trail descends from the peak to the town below, following a mixed path through the forest and parts of the road here and there. Evening is a great time to see the peaks, when you can see the spectacular skylights blazing against the night sky. This is one of the best night visits in there.

Star Ferry, Hong Kong:

Star Ferry- Hong Kong- China

The time-honored Star Ferry has been connecting Hong Kong Island with Kowloon since 18. The National Geographic Star rated the ferry crossing as “50 places in a lifetime to see”. If you move to Hong Kong, it would be a great experience to take the Star Ferry to Victoria Harbor. This is one of the most expensive ways to explore Hong Kong. Get on the fabulous ferry, relax while sipping a cup of fine coffee. Also, enjoy the great view or soak up the sun on the open deck while enjoying the cool winter breeze. If you take it at night, it would be different and great to admire the symphony of light around 20:00.

Lamma Island, Hong Kong:

Lamma Island- Hong Kong- China

Lamma Island is also known as Wai Island or Pok Liu Chow. It offers a thrilling day trip for those looking for some peace away from all the traffic and noise. It features cafes, clever craft shops, and indie boutique shops, as well as Hong Kong’s best island views. Almost similar to Koh Samui in Thailand or Tyumen Island in Malaysia. And Lamma Island is a great choice for a quick ride.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong:

Repulse Bay- Hong kong- China

The bay got its name from the 19th-century war where British troops repulsed the invading pirates. Spacious, Repulse Bay is home to several expensive residential complexes in Hong Kong. Its crescent-sized beaches and suitable for a stylish, high-class experience. The beach offers a subtle experience to all kinds of visitors. This is why it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong among couples and children.

Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong:

Lan Kwai Fong- China

Hong Kong sights include attractions not only for children, families, and couples but also for wild and indomitable young people. With a great assortment of nightclubs, pubs, and bars like Hard Rock Cafe. Lan Kwai Fong Hall is one of the must-see places in Hong Kong. It is for kick-ass nightlife seekers on this metro.

Avenue Of Stars:

Avenue Of Stars- China

While staying in this city, Hong Kong’s top tourists must visit interesting places like Avenue of Stars. Located next to the waterfront at Victoria Harbor in Siem Reap. It established in the Hong Kong version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Also, there are nearly 100 statues of popular attractions. Such as celebrities, film stars, screenwriters, and directors created as a tribute to the Hong Kong film industry. Although temporarily closed, a selection of their best exhibits is on display at the Star Park, Sim Sha Sasui East Waterfront Podium Garden, and the Pedestrian Underground Starry Gallery at the bottom of Salisbury Road.

Big Buddha:

Big Buddha- China

The giant Buddha, the world’s second-largest outdoor bronze statue among Hong Kong’s top tourist destinations, is actually so huge that you can easily find this impressive 112-foot-long image from the window seat of your flight near Po Lin Monastery! Also visible from the Big Buddha, or Tian Tan, Nang Ping 360 cable car, it shows almost the eye level of the huge statue. But in order for these sanctuaries to experience truly peaceful, charismatic, and enlightened influences, the 286 steps toward the statue itself must be taken!

Wong Tai Sin Temple:

Wong Tai Sin Temple- China

Established as an offering to the Great Immortal Wang, the Wang Tai Shin Sin Temple is known for giving any wish before, which is why many people return from the temple to thank Immortal. Originally one of the most religious places to see in Hong Kong, Wang Taixing has been listed as a great option for sightseeing due to its architecture and colorful decor. The architectural beauty of the Wang Tai Shin Xin Temple attracts a large number of visitors every year. Also, making it one of the major tourist destinations.

Golden Bauhinia Square:

Golden Bauhinia Square- China

Founded in 1997, this gold Bauhinia statue was a symbol of Hong Kong from the Chinese central government and marked the transition of the city from a British colony to part of the People’s Republic of China. Golden Bauhinia Square is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The gold statue sits in the courtyard next to the Hong Kong Convention. And Exhibition Center as a symbol of its glorious past. The flag hoisting ceremony in the square takes place every day. But, except the first day of the month and the daily event is a scene in itself.

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