Capella Ubud, Bali – Indonesia | Best Restaurant, Food & Service

Capella Ubud, Bali - Indonesia | Best Rooms & Foods

Capella Ubud is a gleaming resort located in the village of Keliki in Ubud, Bali. It provides the experience of camping in the rain forest and paddy fields of Ubud and on the banks of the holy river Wos. The tents are set in a style that reminds you of the era of European explorers in the 19th century that became the inspiration of architect Bill Bensley. The tents with antiques made by local artisans in homage to the Indonesian culture. The Bible welcomes travelers from around the world to a one-bedroom tent and a two-bedroom lodge in Capella Ubud.


Capella Ubud offers unique benefits to ensure your most enjoyable experience while staying. Start your day by registering at Mads Lang and enjoy an afternoon of local cuisine. You can then go to the hotel gym, an armory for a workout session or swim in some laps in the hotel’s largest pool sister. If you feel tired you can relax at the Auriga Wellness of Capella Ubud where you can enjoy a massage or seek treatment from a local healer.

Enjoy your morning coffee, afternoon tea and evening cocktails at the official tent while you are with social and other guests. Capella Ubud has you covered for a great dining experience. You can either dine at the hotel’s Api Jiwa restaurant or request the hotel to set up a private dinner in your tent. Listen to the stories told by local storytellers while sipping hot chocolate at a marshmallow filled by campfire. The wide range of hotel amenities has a positive effect on your physical and mental health and makes you completely refreshed during your stay.

Location and Map of Capella Ubud:

Jl. RY Dalem, Keliki, Kec. Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia. Capella Ubud, Bali is 3.7 miles from the center of Ubud.


How to Get to Capella Ubud:

Capella is easily accessible from Ubud Airport. In fact, with the extra charge of IDR 1694000 you can book your airport transfer in advance for greater peace. You can also enter by driving. For those who want to drive their own car, there is a car park on the Capella Ubud site, as well as additional parking nearby when the first car park is full.

Things to Do in Capella Ubud:

Built from the ground up, just twenty minutes from the Ubud Center, this luxurious rented camp has 23 tents designed by Bill Bencili, which has its own saline pond. Known for his spontaneous style, Bill drew inspiration from early settlers and used materials such as teak and custom batik fabric and filled the tents with antiques from the owners ’personal collections. The two restaurants serve contemporary European and Asian cuisine with ingredients made from on-property organic gardens. The three spa tents offer a number of wellness treatments and fitness classes, while a ballance temple with a sacred fountain allows guests to interact with the spiritual side of the sand.

Go for Sundowners:

Bali beaches may be known for all-day beach clubs and raucous parties, but the scene is calmer in Ubud, the island’s spiritual heart. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t find fantastic cocktail and laid-back bars where you can relax in the jungle atmosphere. Come sunset, Mark’s favourite place to get a drink is the Sayan House, which serves japanes-Latin fusion tapas and ice-cold local craft beer. Overlooking the Aunong River a very ramantic location.

Cultural Experiences:

While in Bali, you will be anxious to see the beautiful temples of the island. Indonesia is a Muslim country. Don’t forget to visit the Penulisan Temple (Jl. Raya Kintamani, Sukawana) “It is actually one of the first temples built in the sand and there are certain sculptures that you can’t see anywhere else in the sand.” It usually covers in fog. And if you go very early in the morning You can see that it creates almost extraordinary rays through the fog. You can also take part in a full moon ceremony outside the temple tour, which is once a month.” There is nothing more beautiful than, “.” Everyone in the village goes to the temple for Purnama (full moon) and performs a small ceremony for everyone and usually prays together in the evening.

Shopping In UBUD:

From beautiful printed textiles to intricate wooden furniture, there is a rich tradition of great sand crafts. Although most tourists visit the huge market of Ubud and a few stores in the vicinity, it depends on what you are doing. We offer different locations. For wood carving, guests go to the village of Mas, where the street lines with shops after the wood carving shop. For painting, visit Ubud’s shops. In the village of Seluk, you will find gold and silversmiths making beautiful jewelry. The Kulik Gallery is a favorite place for tourists to buy antiques.

Adventures Things to Do in Bali:

Capella is a place that can be reached in just ten minutes from Ubud where you can do your heart-rate pumping and your adrenaline. Mason Adventures is located in Taro, the first and only purpose of Bali, where guided jungle tracks, mountain biking, helicopter trips and “jungle bogie” rides are provided around the built-in ATV track. “You can learn about chocolate and see how it is made and then if you want something more amazing, take a helicopter ride in the sand where you will see volcanoes, rice paddies, the coast and the temples there, then you will go back to Ubud.

Best Restaurants Nearby Capella Ubud:

Given below, we suggested you some best restaurants.

  • Aperitif Restaurant & Bar
  • Green Kubu Cafe
  • Tebasari Resto, Bar & Lounge
  • Kampung Cafe
  • Api Jiwa
  • Bali Geo
  • Tulen Restaurant
  • The Kawi Resto
  • Mads Lange
  • Tis Cafe

Best Food Items in Capella Ubud:

Here you can find many delicious food items to eat. Below we give the name of some special food name. You should must try these food items.

Sate lilit:

Sate lilit Bali’s favorite street food. This traditional savory dish is usually made with raw meat wrapped around a flat square. All meat sets are used to prepare lilies. However, the most common variety is prepared with pork.


Gulai is a spicy Indonesian dish similar to stew or thick soup. Because of its appearance and taste it is often known as Indonesian curry. Different varieties of any meat can be the main ingredient in Gulai, as well as offal, seafood or vegetables.


This fifth Southeast Asian cucumber is usually made only with spicy pepper and salt. It is sometimes mixed with lime juice, onion, sugar, ginger, shrimp paste, and also with vinegar. Mortally prepared in a mortar, it is also characterized by its dense consistency and incredibly strong and pungent odor.

Babi guling:

Bobby Guling is the Indonesian version of the Roast Mammal Pig. Although not common in other parts of Indonesia, it is one of the most popular foods in Bali, where the main religion is Hinduism. Before roasting, pork skin is usually smeared with turmeric and the animal is stuffed with a homemade gid spice mixture, which usually includes turmeric, coriander, lebugras, shiolt, bean, chilli, shrimp paste and garlic.


Satay is a popular and versatile Indonesian dish. It consists of significant meats served with a sauce. All kinds of meat can be used to make SATA, even some foreign varieties like crocodile or snake meat are made but the necessary thing is to marinate the meat before grilling.


Rendang, made of meat, is an Indonesian dish that originated among the Minangkabau people in West Sumatra. It is also famous for its taste and long cooking method. It compares to Indian curry because of its unique taste.


Tempeh is a versatile product, which is rich in as much protein as meat. This fermented soybean cake came from the Indonesian island of Java. Originally a by-product of tofu, introduced to Java by Chinese immigrants in the 17th century, the temp was first discovered by accident, when soybeans were spontaneously discarded from the process of making tofu.

Bebek Goreng:

Fried duck is an Indonesian delicacy. Which is valuable for its crispy and frozen flesh. The duck is usually cut into pieces, fried or steamers, and then fried until crispy. Before frying, the pieces are coated with garlic, ginger, turmeric, beetroot, or coriander.


This official Balinese dish comes in two versions. These are the chicken-based Ayam Betutu or be Tihiyabhai duck version known as Bebek Betutu. The whole animal rubbers and stuff with a mixture of local ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, black pepper, pepper, and shrimp paste.

Nasi campur:

However, Nasi campur made from mixed rice is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia. It also contains rice husks, a variety of dishes, ingredients and spices. In most cases, it serves in a buffet setup, where customers can choose from a variety of options for free.


For travelers who want to enjoy the sights of Bali, Capella Ubud is a perfect choice. With its convenient location just 9 km from the city center, also the property is easily accessible to the city’s must-see destinations. Also, take full advantage of the uninterrupted service and facilities at this sand property. Free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, postal service – also a selection of such top-notch amenities can be enjoyed here. The property accommodation system hires for maximum comfort and also convenience. In some rooms, guests can also find complimentary instant coffee, complimentary tea, free welcome drinks, linen, mirrors. The property also has recreational facilities, including a yoga room, fitness center, outdoor pool, spa retreat, and relaxation. So, enjoy a great location and services to match the Capella Ubud.

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