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Bora Bora - France | Best Places, Hotels, Restaurants & Foods,

Bora-Bora, a volcanic island, isles sausage le vent in the French Polynesian Society Islands. It is a small south-Pacific island in northwestern Tahiti, French Polynesia. Surrounded by a turquoise lake surrounded by sand-bird coats and a coral wall, it is known for scuba diving. However, it is a popular luxury resort destination where a few guest bungalows sit on stilettos above the water. Te27 meters dormant volcano climbed the mountain in the middle of Otemanu Island.

Location and Map of Bora Bora:

Bora-Bora, the volcanic island, Iles sauces le Vent (Leeward Islands) in the French Polynesian Society Islands. It is located in the south-south Pacific Ocean, about 165 miles (265 km) northwest of Tahiti.


How to Get in:

To reach Bora Bora, most travelers fly to their Airport, also known as Motu Mute Airport. So, if you come from the United States, you will first stop at Taha International Airport in Tahiti. Once the tariff is cleared, you will board a 45-minute flight to Bora Bora Airport.

How long does it take to get to Bora Bora from the US:

The total flight duration from the United States to Bora Bora is 10 hours, 50 minutes. If you are planning a trip, be sure to add more time to the flight taxi between the gate and the airport runway.

How Much Cost to Go to Bora Bora for a week:

It has limited flights (only four per day) and all of these originate in Tahiti. Hotels range from $ 400– $ 2,000 per night for a few and fancy, lowest quality rates. The average cost of a week-long holiday in Bora Bora starts at about 11 11,000 for two.

Best Time To Visit In Bora Bora:

November and April is the best time to go to Bora Bora. These short shoulder seasons offer mild weather, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. The high season lasts from May to October when the rainfall is isolated and the number of tourists swells too much.

Getting Around:

The best way to get around Bora Bora is by bike, especially when you consider that it only takes a few hours to get around the whole island. Rental cars are another option, but their rent is significantly higher than bicycles. Le trucks are notoriously unpredictable and taxis are quite expensive local bus systems.

Best Things to Do in Bora Bora:

Bora Bora is a small island in French Polynesia, northwest of Tahiti in the South Pacific Ocean. It’s hard to imagine any place in the world being so beautiful and concentrated in just one spot. The small, green island is surrounded by small islands surrounded by sparkling white sand and a blue lake surrounded by a barrier coral wall. Mount Otemanu, a peak of an endangered volcano in the center of the island, pierces the sky 2,333 feet. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may vary.

Matira Beach:

Matira Beach is often referred to as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This mile-long stretch of gorgeous white sand is located south of Bora Bora and is lined by official palm trees against a great backdrop of slender green hills. Private beaches are bordered on both sides, the only public beach on Matira Island that is worth seeing, and access is free for anyone. Swimming and snorkeling are great here and the fine white sand is lightly into a soft sand lagoon into the alu which is perfectly warm and shallow. The seafloor is flat and sandy, free of sharp corals, so it’s easy to navigate. This is the perfect place to bring kids to frolic in calm, warm water. During low tide, it is possible to add to the barrier reef from the soil point, the water is very shallow.

Mount Otemanu:

From anywhere in Bora Bora you can see Mount Otemanu. Its black rugged opals are spectacular in contrast to the surrounding lush forest and the bottom is a blue pond. Although it is all the result of an ancient volcano, fortunately now extinct, Mount Otemanu and the Pahiya Mountains remain the most obvious. Mount Otemanu reaches 2,385 feet and is a popular itinerary destination you can simply hike to the base, and this is best done with the help of a local guide. According to locals, no one has managed it yet. However, this mountain is so beautiful and picturesque that it is worth visiting the base just to get a few spectacular photos. Look for some ancient Native altars, as well as old American WWI cannons scattered in the woods.

Tahiti Pearl Market:

Tahitian pearls are one of the most sought-after in the world and the Tahiti pearl market is a family business that cultivates, sets on jewelry, and sells locally cut pearls. Their adventure began at the Takaroa Atoll and has evolved into a much larger activity that now cultivates pearl oysters in the five Atlas of the Tuamotu Islands. Different locations cover different colors, sizes, and qualities. Tahiti’s thriving trade employs a large number of locals – one of these farms employs 40 people in a small attic. However, this includes divers who collect pearl oysters under 20 feet of water. Tahiti Pearl Market gives its customers the unique opportunity to choose the pearl of their choice from thousands of pearls and mount them in their desired setting.

Paroisse Saint Pierre-Celestin Church:

The only Catholic church in St. Pierre Calstein of Poros is located in the center of Bora Bora Boutip and is one of the main attractions of the city but it is a place where locals gather on Sundays and various religious holidays. This little gem was designed by architect David Chanvin in a style that blends nicely with the surrounding local architecture. It was built on the initiative of Father Emile, once a parish priest in the Leeward Islands. The beautiful, stained glass windows represent these seven religions and were created by Atelier Mary and Fame. Instead of glass, they are made of durable laminated glass to withstand strong winds in the area.

Aqua Safari:

Bora Bora is famous for its spectacular waterways, especially for scuba diving. But if you are not allowed to scuba and are not able to invest time in learning to dive or still you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world with the help of Aqua Safari and their unique diving helmets. You will walk down the sand in about three meters of water surrounded by colorful fish, seas, and all kinds of underwater plants and animals, not even getting your hair wet. The Aqua Safari team will pick you up at your hotel, give you basic safety instructions, and once they put a helmet on your head, guide you underwater. This activity is so safe that even 6-year-olds can enjoy it. The experience of being so close to colorful clownfish, agglomeration rays, or even a shark is unforgettable.

4×4 Excursions:

If your eyes have too much sand in your toes and saltwater, or you just need a break from your recourse, consider exploring the island on four wheels. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing ride or a bundled “Indiana Jones” -style adventure, there are tours that appeal to all types of travelers. However, packages include wild deep safari jungle tracks ranging from half-day cultural island expeditions to romantic sunsets and trips to the champ. Also, most of the tour guides are more local than locals and more interested in sharing the privacy of the island of their choice.

Boat Tours:

It is a fool’s dream – whether it’s a sailor, a glass-bottom boat, a speedboat, a kayak, a jet skis, or more, the island has it all. So why not give your body a break from all that swimming and snorkeling and look for Bora Bora water by boat instead? Tour packages can be customized for each traveler and include half to a full day and private or shared trips. And for these adventurers, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and animal feeding can be added to most travel destinations. Some boat trips also include whole meals outside the ship.


You didn’t come here to sample city life. But if you want to explore beyond the boundaries of your resort one afternoon, the main town of Bora Bora on the west coast of the island will take a few hours of your time. Also, along its main corridor, you will find several eateries, souvenir shops, and churches. However, this central street is really lively on Sunday mornings when stalls sell everything from clams to donuts. On the other hand, Baitape boasts a tourist office, a car rental kiosk, a few gas stations, and a medical center among other amenities.

Shark/Stingray Feeding:

Thanks to the crystal-clear water surrounding there, it is easy to find wildlife living in the area. For a closer encounter, consider signing up for a tour. Outfitters, such as Mona Adventure Tours and Reef Discovery provide authentic snorkeling, snorkeling, and shark and stingray feeding and encounters. Moreover, native blacktip reef sharks will have the opportunity to interact with stingrays at their natural habitat.

Best Hotels Nearby:

The best tourist place in the world is Bora Bora in France, here are the top hotels for you and your family to have a very nice time. Hotel Gulu will provide you with all the services at your convenience.

  • Four Seasons Resort
  • InterContinental Bora Bora Resort
  • Le Meridien
  • The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort
  • Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa
  • Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island
  • Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach Resort
  • Blue Heaven Island
  • Bora Bora Eden Beach Hotel

Best Foods In Bora Bora:

Many foods include chicken, pork, sweet potatoes, bread, rice, local fruits, and vegetables such as papaya, mango, pineapple, banana, and faffao, which is a type of spinach. The most popular dessert served on the island is banana or papaya puree.


This dish was first introduced in Southeast Asia which is prepared with fish and rice. In Borgata, Bora Sushi is prepared with fresh fish that was brought directly from the sea with local ingredients and sweet rice. A fresh dish prepared with fresh fish catches on Sushi Island.

Foie Gras:

It is a famous French dish prepared by Bora’s unique technique. Fui Grass is an island spice blend of purple eggplant with spices is a great twist on the Tihiabha dish.

Rotisserie Pork:

This dish is the best dish cooked with fresh pork and slices with pineapple is the best way to nurture your taste. It is the island’s most famous local dish that promises new flavors for the island.

Mahi Mahi dish:

It is usually prepared with vanilla sauce. The tourists really enjoy this dish and appreciate it. They are born on the island of Vanilla Bora Bora used in this dish so we see new vanilla dishes on this island. Certainly, this dish is considered the best dish.

Tahitian Vanilla Panna Cotta:

It is an island-growing orchid that sets Vanilla apart from any other. It is prepared with fresh cream and sugar which is cooled with vanilla; This smooth dessert is a definite glimpse of enjoyment after dinner.

Banana or Papaya Puree:

Known as Pope, this is the most popular dessert served on Puris Island. However, the purees are usually baked, served with sugar and coconut milk which is very fun to eat.

Best Restaurants In Bora Bora:

It is famous for its romantic lagoon and its overarching bungalows. Also, the eating scene has historically taken a back seat. The island is quite literal somewhere in the middle, so the top chefs aren’t racing right here it is not always possible to get fresh products (although fresh fish is provided) Supplying things is very expensive. Certainly, here are some restaurants that have mastered this dining dilemma thanks to hardworking and fabulous chefs. So, head to these top restaurants where you are guaranteed the best food in Bora Bora.

  • Le Corail
  • Bora Bora Beach Club and Restaurant
  • Lagoon Restaurant by Jean-Georges
  • St James Bora Bora
  • Bora Bora Yacht Club
  • La Villa Mahana
  • Matira Beach Restaurant
  • Le Tipanie Restaurant
  • The Lucky House – Fare Manuia
  • BamBoo Restaurant
  • Snack Matira
  • Bloody Mary’s

Is it safe in Bora Bora:

Although it is an exceptionally safe place for travelers, there may be a slight risk of petty crime, so you’ll want to protect and keep your valuables safe and secret.

Culture In Bora Bora:

It has developed a unique culinary tradition as the island is dominated by different cultures. Also, Its cuisine is a blend of traditional South Pacific cuisine with French, Italian, and Japanese influences.


Bora Bora greatly influenced this religion: Christianity continues to play an important role in the culture of the island. However, Christianity is the main religion of the islands. Various Protestant churches, especially the Maoist Protestant Church, have the largest and 54% of the population.

The Currency:

One thing is for sure you have traveled to France: you will spend money. So whatever your pound, dollar, or your currency, make sure you make the most out of your euro by following these do’s and don’ts to exchange. Then you can spend whatever you want extra and make the vacation a real experience.

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