Barcelona – Spain | Best Hotel, Restaurant, Food & Things to do

Barcelona - Spain | Best Hotel, Restaurants, Food & Things to do

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia, a country of Spain. The city is located south of Lolbregate and Basis and the Pyrenees mountains. This has also become the first tourist destination in Spain. Also, it has everything to please most visitors, including the history of Europe’s oldest history. It is a capital that never sleeps and also an enchanting interior to forget the beautiful beach at La Costa Brava. A variety of aesthetic treasures, churches in Romanesque and great names in modern art and architecture, Dali, Gaud, Miro, Picasso. This is a great imbalance. One leg of conventional things and the other of the event guard. Also, Barcelona is the second-most populous city in Spain and tenth in the European Union. It has also gained a reputation as the largest and Aga-Gard city in Spain and redesigned itself for the 1999 Olympic Games.

Location and Map of Barcelona:

Barcelona, the city, seaport, and province of Barcelona Provincia (province) and the capital, Catalonia, is located 90 miles (150 kilometers) south of the French border. It is the main Mediterranean port and commercial center of Spain and is famous for its uniqueness, cultural interest and physical beauty.


Best Time to Visit:

Summer and fall:

Summer is the feast time in Barcelona, when the city hosts some of the largest music festivals in Europe, including Sonar and Premivera Sound. The average summer temperature is a maximum of 82 ° F (28 ° C) and a minimum of 71 ° F (22 ° C). In November, the air fills with the smell of flames during the Catalan festival of La Catania. Autumn average temperatures are high at 68 ° F (20 ° C) and low at 60 ° F (16 ° C).

How to Get In:


Barcelona is originally served by Josep Taradelas Barcelona – El Pratt International Airport, but can also be reached by transport links to other regional airports, including Girona, Reus and Lleida-Alguar.


Barcelona Sants station is the main railway station in the city for national and international destinations in France.


Estasi’Autobasos Barcelona Nord is Barcelona’s main bus station operating service to other Spanish cities and towns in Europe.


Barcelona taxis are easily spotted with their black and yellow levers. These can be picked up from within many taxi stands, greeted on the street, or booked by telephone.

Do I need a visa?

Spain is a part of the Shenzhen Area, along with many other countries in Europe. This means that tourists from certain countries will not need a visa for less than 90 days of travel – as long as your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of your planned passage.

Best Things to Do in Barcelona:

You can enjoy your whole tour by doing these things. Also, you can pass some amazing moments with these tours and activities. So you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Paddle Surf:

This is the best way to visit the beaches of Barcelona. Fashionable sport on the shores of the Mediterranean. Surf the paddle to meet people, play sports, explore, disconnect, enjoy and stay at sea.

Sailing Cruise Barcelona:

A luxury cruise with this short cruise experience sail from Barcelona to the Mediterranean after a safety briefing, sail to the sea, where you get a great view through the Barcelona skyline, dine in tapas and drinks and even sail if the weather allows.

Shopping in Barcelona:

Barcelona is all about design. These bones are in the bones of the city as a result of urban planning in the late nineteenth century, which gave birth to masterpieces of Art Nouveau architecture on the city’s waterfront, including its boardwalks and marinas and promenades. And this is exactly what you can imagine buying here: in Barcelona, you will find a special idea of style in clothing, footwear, furnishings, and graphic arts.

Barcelona E-Bike Photography Tour:

Easily zip around Barcelona while capturing the best photographs for yourself and also your social media on an electric bike trip. The trip is a great introduction for first-time visitors who are interested in improving their photography skills. Always stay cool by doing minimal pedaling work for you by being able to access places accessible by traditional touring vehicles. See Barcelona’s tops, including La Sagrada Familia and the beach.

La Sagrada Familia Tour:

Whether or not you already have your ticket to the Holy Family, we look around you so you don’t miss the opportunity to learn the history of its Creator because you are appreciating His greatest work. Like the Batla house, the Pedras of Gaur is also known as Gaur Park Gail, Sagrada Familia shows us how Antonio Gouda was a remarkably advanced character for his time. Leaving a very special legacy of architecture in Barcelona. One of its guests on this tour is Gargoyle, Turtle Magically. You don’t need to enter the basilica, you just have to go through it with us around him and that way you don’t miss any details behind his work.

Barcelona Ghosts & Legends Tour:

Along with discovering the gruesome truths of Barcelona’s past that tour will stretch you to your very grave! Wander the raw streets of the Gothic Quarter, wondering if you can arrange to bring it to life. Visit our bar right in the heart of Barcelona, where you can choose to start drinking for some Dutch adventures before you start the journey. Here, your host will meet you for the evening and take you on the wonderful streets of Gothic take then you can experience the coolest 90 minutes of storytelling in the city. For those lucky enough to make it lively, you’ll then head back to the bar for a sample of the drunken cocktail and brain curry. It’s really just for the participants ’courage.

Barcelona Aquarium Tour:

The Barcelona Aquarium (L’Aquarium) is one of the largest in Europe and hosts one of the most fascinating collections of Mediterranean marine life. Scan informative displays that educate children and adults alike on more than 11,000 different sea creatures and walk through a 262-foot (80-meter) tunnel inhabited by sharks and eels.

Barcelona Museum Tour:

Secure the skip-line access with a pass with Barcelona’s top six museums that enter to attract you to the top like the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the Picasso Museum, and many more. By booking this pass in advance, art enthusiasts will not waste time and money booking individual tickets at each museum. Also, a passport-style pass encourages visitors to see more museums.

Via Ferrata Climbing Tour:

Our return climb is one of the most exciting ways to discover the natural beauty of Catalonia. Feel the adrenaline rush of getting back on this unique journey with the help of your own skilled local guide. A protected ascending route with a ferret is, essentially, a modern steel cable through a ferret that runs along the route and is periodically fixed to the rock. With assistance via the return kit, riders can secure the safety wire by limiting any fall. The cable can also be used as climbing support and additional climbing support such as iron rods, piercings, carved steps and even ladders and bridges are often provided.

Barcelona Walking Tour:

This special cultural experience combines walking tours, tapas dinners and flamenco performances. Walk the medieval streets of the Gothic Quarter, explore the trendy growing districts and see the Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Church of Santa Maria del Mar and many more. Stop at a celebratory restaurant to sample wine and heat. End your tour with a Flamenco performance in the 17th century castle.

Street Art Bike Tour:

Discover the great street art of Barcelona with your personal guide. Discover the murals in the Poblano district, admire the stencils in El Raval and visit an art gallery in the Gothic Quarter. Barcelona has been a key player in the street art scene for several years. With inspirational artists, an approved political policy and a few great galleries, this city is the dream of street art lovers to know exactly where your tour guide will take you. Before the tour starts, you will meet your personal guide on the bike El Ciclo.

Best Hotels In Barcelona:

Barcelona, the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, is also the universal, cultural, and architectural capital of Europe. The city usually expresses modern and contemporary ideas of art and architecture, such as the Sagrada Familia Church. But it is also a city that has some great archeological sites where you can go back in time history. Barcelona has a number of great boutique luxury hotels from which you can visit various sites in the city. Below we give the name of the best hotels in Barcelona so you can plan your trip in a travel way.

Best Hotels Name:

Best Restaurants in Barcelona:

A trip to Barcelona is certainly incomplete without a (compulsory) yummy and best restaurant in Barcelona. After all, Barcelona is a perfectly great city, with lots of restaurants, markets and faddy hunts throughout the city. Really, no matter what food you like, you will have a spot for Barcelona. It is said to be the total sponsor of the activity to choose from among thousands of restaurants, so much choice comes with a lot of pressure! Which is the best? How do I know if I like it? Is this a tourist trap? All completely valid questions. That’s why I wanted to share some of the tastiest and best restaurants to pop on your next trip to Barcelona.

  • Eatwith
  • Bodega Biarritz
  • Brugarol Barcelona
  • ABaC
  • Uma
  • Lokal Bar
  • Con Gracia
  • Tickets
  • Rao
  • Blavis
  • Colom
  • 9 Nine

Things to Eat in Barcelona:

You can enjoy truly authentic food that you won’t find anywhere else in the country wherever you are. Dish-themed dishes in Barcelona include Cream Brule’s ancestor Fiduis, Painter’s Noodle Cousin, and Crema Catalana. However, here is a brief introduction to several common and conventional dishes of Barcelona.

  • Escudella d’Olla
  • Esqueixada
  • Suquet de PeixFideuà
  • Escalivada
  • Crema Catalana
  • Mel I Mato
  • Bomba
  • Patatas Bravas
  • Coca bread

Best Places Nearby:

The sunny Mediterranean region around Barcelona points visitors to its beautiful beaches, fishing villages, and also fascinating medieval towns. In this part of Catalonia, tourists can escape to another world by just a short drive or train from Barcelona. Choices range from coastal retreats to the legendary mountain lunar monastery Most destinations combine cultural and natural attractions. On the same day, tourists can sunbathe on the golden beaches of El Vendrell and visit an archeological museum, or enjoy water sports and then visit the medieval castle in Castelldefels. Among them are the royal peaks of the Pyrenees and the small kingdom of Andorra. So, plan your trip with this list of top day trips from Barcelona.

  • Basilica of the Sagrada Familia
  • Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic)
  • Casa Batllo
  • Palace of Catalan Music
  • Casa Milà – La Pedrera
  • Camp Nou
  • Mercat de la Boqueria
  • Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar
  • Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
  • Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya – MNAC
  • Montserrat Monastery
  • The Costa Brava
  • Girona
  • Andorra
  • El Vendrell

Culture of Barcelona:

However, in a strange blend of Catalan nationalism and Spanish culture, Barcelona is a culturally fascinating place, with its streets, beaches and beautiful buildings captivating visitors from all over the world. Also, the Catalan country is very lively with its people and the streets of its capital.

Religion of Barcelona:

Catholicism is the most widely practiced religion in the country. Secularization, however, is strong in keeping with Spanish and other Western European trends. Also, Islam is the second-largest religion after Christianity.

Language of Barcelona:

Catalan and Spanish languages are spoken in Barcelona. Barcelona has two official languages. So, the Catalan language region defines with the first completion in Jaume. Also Galician and Basque, Catalan is one of the four official languages of Spain.


The official currency of Spain is the euro. So, you can’t pay with dollars anywhere.

Local customs:

Drinking: The federal legal age for buying and drinking alcohol is 18 years old.
Greetings: Spaniards usually greet friends and strangers by kissing on both cheeks, although two men rarely do it.
Dress: The Spaniards take great pride in their appearance so they dress elegantly even for casual occasions.
Visiting churches: It considers disrespectful to travel as a church visitor during public and other worship services.
Personal space and eye contact: Spaniards are known to stand very close when talking and say a lot with their hands – don’t imitate them and move away. Eye contact is also very important in Spain.
Language: Learning a few basic Spanish phrases can go a long way as a sign of respect.

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