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Adams Restaurant, UK

Located on Waterloo Street, Adams restaurant is a contemporary British fine dining restaurant that serves modern cuisine made with the highest professional standards. The intimate stylish dining room serves for individuals and parties and provides the ideal setting for any occasion from romantic to business. Owner and chef Adam Stokes are at the top of the award-winning restaurant. Which holds a string of admirers, including a Michelin star and three A rosettes. And also the quality of reviews around the world over a 12-month period.

The classic restaurants of Adam Stokes have been around for years. Enjoy a drink at the smart cocktail bar and then go to the dining room in plush.

As well as being home to the open kitchen, the basement plays host to a glass wine cave bursting with top names and one of the most beautiful horseshoe chef’s tables in the country. Classical cooking has a subtle simplicity and luxurious ingredients are the order of the day. And well-balanced dishes showcasing top Scottish ingredients such as scallops or venison. Flavors are pronounced but true to the ingredients’ natural tastes and there are appealing contrasts in texture and taste.

Location and Map of Adams Restaurant:

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How to Get in Adams Restaurant:

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The Menu of Adams Restaurant:

Adam’s Restaurant serves hot, heritage tomatoes with Japanese flavors. Smoked elliptical with Royal Ossetra caviar and teriyaki tempura side, Scottish halibut, tarragon butter sauce with rabbit and chicken mouse, duck liver, and peachy squab pigeon. The palate is cleaned with mint and gin sherbet and oak church raspberry cheese. Also, the service is as good as ever and the restaurant is full for midweek lunch seating. The restaurant is just a touch hot but the temptation to snooze very easily.

The Foods Items in Adams Restaurant:

There are some delicious and main food items are available. Such as Egg Custard, Blueberry, Goats Cheese and Beetroot meringue amuse-bouche, Starter – Smoked eel watercress apple, and onion, Line-caught Pollock, shitake, sea vegetable, Brill, Jerusalem artichoke, chorizo, Lamb, mint and purple sprouting broccoli, Rhubarb and Custard.

Best Foods of Adams Restaurant:


A balti is a type of lamb meat or goat meat curry served in a thin, pressed-steel wok called a “balti bowl. Balti vegetables are cook in a very quick frying method using vegetable oil instead of ghee and the meat is used outside the bones. This combination is sharply different from a traditional tiny one-pot Indian curry. That is slowly mixed together throughout the day. Also, other spices based on bucket sauce turmeric and onion include turmeric and hot spices.

Grotty pudding:

It is made from soaked grits, curries, beef, onions, and beef stock that are baked for about 16 hours. Also, at a constant temperature of about 150 degrees Celsius (302 F).

Worcestershire sauce:

Worcestershire sauce is often used to enhance food and beverage recipes, including Welsh rare pieces, Caesar salad, oyster Kirkpatrick, and scrambled eggs. As a source of both background flavor and umami (fun fifth smell), it has now also been added to dishes that historically don’t have it, such as pepper con corn and beef stew. It is used directly as a flavor for steaks, hamburgers, and other prepared foods and in flavors of cocktails such as Bloody Mary and Caesar.


Service is knowledgeable and the Coravin system allows you to try top-quality wines by the glass. However, Michelin-starred Adam has been voted the third-best in the UK and the ninth-best in the world. Also, absolutely delicious eating experience can pass challenging times. The staff is friendly, helpful but non-intrusive. The food will get the expected, full of flavor, is very well presented, and especially the pork head is really like getting votes.

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